Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 23 mts, 3dys: Over time and Sister Acts!

I wonder if Tim Goopeesingh was as successful a gynaecologist as he is a Minister of Education? It seems every week this minister finds new ways to rub stakeholders of education in the wrong way....last week was Kindergarten for All! A few weeks before that was the change in the SEA dates which impacts on grading of scripts, student placement in secondary schools, registration of students at secondary schools....and he seems hellbent on antagonising the nation's teachers. There are constant implications by the Min of Ed that there are delinquent teachers in the service....further there are steady implications that he thinks the general teaching service is delinquent...what Goopeesingh fails to indicate as well is that the Ministry of Education has clear rules, guidelines and industrial relations regulations that it can , and often fails, to follow that can discipline teachers. In the case of teachers taking more overtime than they are entitled to the MoE has a very effective form of retribution....they deduct the money from teacher's salaries and the excess overtime and unworked days also affect the teacher's eventual gratuity and pension.....why the Min of Ed doesn't also explain this to the public is beyond me.As per longer working going to the union with that Tim? Because trust me, the minute you talking longer working hours, then you are talking a renegotiation of people's terms of employment and that's something you, the TSC and the union have to discuss....asking for people's feedback at a meeting is you being a bacchanalist and raising a red herring.....what happen, you find we too focused on Vidwattie Newton the Travelling Assistant Nurse?

And when you talk about removing bank time, I guess you in talks with the union? Yes? Or you providing laptops for all teachers to allow them to do online banking?

Tim, one would hope that you would be a little less eager about playing smart with foolishness. In your constant harping about teacher's overtime and vacation allocations what you are attempting to do is stigmatise teachers....but perhaps you can explain to teachers why over half their numbers cannot, independent of a partner or spouse, qualify for a half-decent medical nor look forward to a decent retirement?

It is seriously unfortunate that the route you have taken, from day one of your tenure as Minister of Education is to antagonise teachers and exclude them from the decision-making process on matters that directly impact on them....but carry on smartly Tim....I done seeing the end of your reign.

Hear ah Yorker Prakash pelt down the pitch at Kamla? Just so just so, after I done say a requiem mass for COP Testicular fortitude Prakash come and make me look like I lying on him! So no mayorship, no love? Prakash, is that you? And now they threatening to act independently when it comes to legislation and policy! sounding like we might have 2 oppositions in parliament...Prakash now start to talk like the COP going to do what people put them there to do...keep the Govt in check!!! But it might be too late.....the horse done bolt the stable Prakash...Kamla say no referendum for all yuh...further to that this government get fat and full from eating ah food....too many abuses have taken place that you have remained silent on as an "independent" part that claims to be have to come real good to convince me that you aint still struggling to remain politically relevant while still eating ah food....but thanks for the excitement on the news!

For the idiots who keep defending the PMs hiring  of her sister....let me repeat slowly....there is no position called travel assistant...and according to the TnT Mirror's recent lead story....Vidwattie is not a registered nurse. So, let me hear all yuh? How all yuh defending this abuse of state funds? In what capacity Vidwattie actually travelling with her sister if travel assistant doesn't exist as a post and she is not registered to practise as a nurse?

Let me ask the questions again: Didn't the PM say that President Robinson's son functioned as a travel assistant? What happen to that? Was it a lie?

Didn't the PM say that India paid for the state visit? Then why Cabinet approve spending for that? How can cabinet approve spending for a position that doesn't exist? Was the COP a part of this Cabinet? What happened to that? Was it lie?

Didn't the PM say she paid her sister out of her own pocket? Then how come the Cabinet approved funding for Vidwattie Newton. What happened to that? Was it a lie?

Didn't you say, Madam PM, that she travelled with you as a travel assistant? Then why Roodal Moonilal say in Parliament last week that the post of travel assistant doesn't exist? What happen to that? Was it a lie?

Didn't Roodal, the Leader of Govt Buffoonery say in parliament that Ms Newton travelled with you as a nurse, (again under privileges.....this man does real abuse this thing, oui.)? Why are we now hearing that your sister is not a registered nurse in either Trinidad or the UK? What happen with that? Was it a lie?

When does this government tell the truth?

businessman on scrap iron charges.. I want to hope he resembling Sandy and have a diesel bunker in the Beetham...if not, then I am beginning to think that this government has spent a lot of time during the SoE stigmatising crime and criminal activities here.....and they wouldn't do that, would they?


Folks, is only Monday you know....pace this week!


De Vice Cyah Done!