Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 22mts, 27dys:


Listen, I've decided to stop be suprised by how foolish the comments that come out of Roodal Moonilal's mouth are....but it hurts to know that this man is Leader of Government Business....because if that's the best the UNC has to offer in Parliament then that party in a hot mess!

Over the weekend Devant Maharaj said that Ken Gordon, Arthur Lok Jack,  Karl Hudson-Phillips and Hugh Wooding as men who lack common sense. Apparently Rabindra Moonan has more common sense than these men......*crickets*

Over the weekend you would have heard that  the Parliament's website was hacked. Moonilal's response is that it not a serious issue, no need to pay attention to it. Is not the same as the hacking of the Ministry of Finance. Is it ok to be that daft, really? Is spinning PR so much a priority now that the govt entirely unable to call something the way they see it? For me the issue with this alleged hack into the website is that it shows just how technologically unsavvy and unprepared our government websites are and these initial strikes by hackers may well be just that...initial strikes and then eventually to teach a more important lesson a hacker (or group of hackers) may hit where it hurts....really hard. But Moonilal, ever the buffoon continues to function as the opening act for this Barnum and Bailey Production that we running 22 months now at Tower D...come one....come all!

Crime Watch continues in court today. All yuh can't say Ian Alleyne don't keep improving on the entertainment value of his programme....he could give Moonilal some pointers. No doubt with the expected increased police presence, it'll be even more of a pappy show! And to date the real issue still getting lost....a child's image was shown on television in a sexually way.....Ian aired the tape, the station broadcast it twice....This was a breach of law. Yet the issue that has held most of the population's attention is how "Ian get rough up". Note that Attorney Om Lalla never said the police's behaviour was illegal...just abusive. Can we press on? There are far more abusive things happening daily in this society that never gets us this riled up.

The 2012 march for children happened yesterday, and organisers called for better laws, and also stated that if the government can't protect its children it should go. Imagine Akiel Chambers would have been 25 years old had he lived....Amy Annamunthodo would have been in her mid-teens, I think, as would little Hope.

David Abdullah has stepped down as head of FITUN; he plans to focus on developing of MSJ. That 2-month period you gave Kamla to re-think the shortcomings of the Partnership at least half way through, not so, Mr Abdullah?

Has the partnership begun to clean up its act yet? Are you going to pull a Prakash and decide that the UNC's shortcomings are something you can live with in order to be able to eat ah food?


It's Monday Folks.....Ian heads to court today....

De Vice Cyah Done!