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Listen, all yuh think police does be smoking the contents of the evidence room?

Explain to me how after 6 months all yuh head in town to arrest Ian Alleyne...I saw the handcuffs, doh try to fool me....and all yuh aint walk with the warrant? No wonder Om and Ian buss style on all yuh so!

And yes, I know you could arrest without a warrant...but come nah 6 months all yuh planning this thing!

That being said, Ian Alleyne, Crime Watch and TV6 are Charged for the toro toro (aka bullshit) they did to that child last year on the programme.

Yesterday, whole day PNM Abroad was frothing on its wall talking about Alleyne being the people's champion....cause they want the tune again, nah....and people's champion or not (I really not getting into that argument) we have to agree that if Ian Alleyne breached the law, he shouldn't be above it. To justify Alleyne's abuse of the law is to set a bad precedent. Now, for all intents and purposes, what is clearly a legal matter has been made into a political issue....Alleyne, all of a sudden has become the PNM poster boy for Govt many more scary instances of abuse occurring daily, and the issue that get PNM People riled up yesterday is Alleyne's roughing up by the police? I seriously have to wonder where people's heads are at. The Govt quietly changed the quorum of the Joint Select Committee this week, and now allowing themselves carte blanche when it comes to procurement issues...and the thing that have PNM Abroad panties in a bunch is Ian Alleyne....a man who admitted to reaching the law? Listen...UNC financiers everywhere must be busting their guts laughing over this one!

As per whether Ian's treatment at the hands of the police was necessary....probably not...maybe it was too excessive...I certainly think so....

I am also happy to see that TV6 didn't escape unschathed. You were part of the broadcasting process...clean up your acts...both of you.

While the show highlights criminal activity in the country and certainly depicts Alleyne as doing a better job than police there are a few changes I'd like to see:

  • less gore and dead bodies during a time children watching tv.
  • less of Alleyne in the middle of the crime scene
  • better production and editing
  • less showcasing of specific police officers.
  • statistics on how many of Ian's arrests actually led to convictions!

Ian show beginning to look like Sgt Alexander's PR plan!  Keep up whatever good work you might be doing Ian.....and keep improving the pappyshow into a proper show!

Pres Sando was literally on fire yesterday...and it had nothing to do with past alumni Patrick Manning, Basdeo Panday, Machel Montano or Kes Dieffenthaler.....or did it? Paying for past sins, Pres?????

Pervy McFadden, aka the Naked Bamboo Man, has been caught.....his bamboo remains intact...he lucky!

Part of the Marianne Bridge in Blanchisseuse get tief! Gypsy want scrap iron industry to be scrapped....I disagree, keep it and regulate...ppl resembling Sandy who don't bunker diesel deserve to have their business and if the government had returned the confiscated scrap iron at the end of the SoE, maybe so much bridge wouldn't be disappearing! Do SoE really aint like SoE, eh!

The man accused of running the Claxton bay Paedo Ring didn't make it to court yesterday.....neither did the magistrate. We keeping an eye on this case folks....

It look like NUGFW getting ready to hit WASA some WETTIN! I waiting to see if they will really clean up Wasa or if this govt just on grandcharge.

Rumour has it Devant say is only common sense needed to run Caribbean Airlines...everybody pounding he choice of  Winston Dookeran cousin, Rabindra Moonan, as chairman....Well boy Devant, something tells me that you going and choke on them words soon. We watching!


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