Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime: 22mts, 23dys

Anybody remember that one of the issues that The Keith raised on March 3rd during his Motion of No Confidence address was the issue of procurement procedures that are affecting the rate and frequency with which foreign investment taking place?

Well, the UNC-led Govt has just changed the procurement rules again...They have removed the requirement of a quorum that comprised 4 members of the Govt and 1 member of the Opposition/1 Independent Senator. As the law now stands, only 4 members of the Govt are required. You know who was part and parcel of that legislation change? Minister of Planning and the Economy Dr  Bhoe Tewarie...yes the same Bhoe whowatch CLICO sink and said not one word....Now study yuh head good and tell me what you think going to happen with tendering and procurement procedures with a quorum that does not have a representative from the Opposition or an Independent member of Parliament?

Little bit by little bit this current government is undermining our Parliament and our legal checks and balances. Last year when people kick up fuss about procurement procedures over the Pt Fortin Highway, Kamla Persad set up an inter-ministerial committee to oversee that things were transparent...guess who chairs the committee....The Prime Minister....guess who has the contracts worth $600m to provide the highway project with aggregate....Gopaul!

What happened to all the transparency and accountability talk from 2010? And why aren't we making more noise about all of these breaches?

Imagine the Minister of Public Utilities, Senator George, says Hinds must go before the Privileges Committee for quoting from a newspaper article, while Moonilal and Ramlogan can lie on private citizens under the protection of Parliament and never have to answer a question or even issue an apology!

And while we on the topic of questionable information being disseminated in Parliament...Dr Goopeesingh, can you tell me which report you got the figures from about national depression? You estimated 100,000 people. Was a survey done? Were all of these people diagnosed? And where were they diagnosed? At private offices? Public hospitals? Or were you taking foreign figures ad applying it to the local mileu?

Balo Maharaj's wife got extradited....But Ish and Steve still here and the talk is tendering for hefty government contracts.

Dookeran boof Volney without actually using his name. And Pastor Volney officiate at Atiba Duncan's funeral.

The Dangerous Dogs Act is closed to being passed and it only names specific breeds....which is stigmatising them....and to the best of my knowledge, all dogs can attack and maul a human and more likely than not, it's the owners who cause dogs to be dangerous. I think this Act needs some adjustments for it to be fair all around as well as protect people from careless owners.

And of course we have the perennial problem of bobol in Licensing Office that no govt is ever going to actually tackle....why? Because...

De Vice Cyah Done!