Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 22mts, 22dys:

I beginning to think DCP Mervyn Richardson is the opening act at Barnum and Bailey's Circus....imagine the database of sex offenders NOW going to be made available to law enforcement officers! So, pardon me, who had access to this list before? I mean seriously? I was actually hoping that the list of charged offenders was now going to be made available to the public (although I was unclear about the legal ramifications for it), but to announce that law enforcement officers going to have access to it begs the questions why didn't they have it all along? You mean police working in communities and don't know who and whom have prior records????? What that story isn't saying is far too disturbing.

I see Marabella residents have Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan on blast. I find that protest reeks of a political performance...all they missing is black costumes, white face and a tableaux vivant! It's worth noting that some of the "angry residents" yesterday are actually friends of people at the San Fernando regional corporation...and if you didn't know, there is tension between Mayor Marlene and MP Carolyn....make of that what you will...more than the pestle in the mortar with this one!

Our Glib COP, Dwayne, has assured areas with high criminal activity that more patrols will be replacing police posts.... Now it have two bacchanal with that....last night on the news Sgt Wayne MyStar, in giving his daily briefing, was pointing out how much ammunition and guns had been seized to date despite the LACK OF POLICE, I guess is foot patrols Gibbs referring to? And the second bacchanal is this....why weren't the mobile units IMMEDIATELY replaced with patrols? Why remove one and not implement the other? Why the lull? Why the windows of opportunity for criminals to operate in? Is this the Crime Plan???? Why does 21st Century Policing have me so uneasy?????

Don Quixote Volney stands by his comments....he says the media too slack...and he have all the information at hand to make the claims he making.....Kamla, all yuh really know how to pick them, oui!

After grandcharging, Sat relents and allows Sita back at the school.... Ironically, head of the PTA, Mootoo, complaining that no one thinking of the children. And you have to stop and ask yourself...if there is a court order, that has blocked the transfer and basically means Sita has to remain as principal of the school for now...who being more foolish and obstructionist? Not the Maha Sabha Education Board? Who going to the media with press releases everytime? Sita or Sat? I am wondering if the two main men on this board even see how dumb they look everytime they decide to buck the legal system? Why does Sat think the laws don't apply to him? What he partners Devant and Tim have to say on this boy? Or are they in support of his behaviour?

Aaliyah Johnson's killer has been charged and spent the night in Golden Grove.....this story tragic from beginning to end. There is nothing to feel triumphant about in having caught her killer.

The Dangerous Dogs Act going to be enforced...12 years later....I should have hope then, that Verna will actually table the Children's Bill by 2015!

Roget has struck another blow for the TCL extra time for lawmen on the TCL purse. This of course means increased tensions at the strike site. And if you haven't been paying attention, this strike is affecting not just the local construction industry, but the region as well. A little bit again and Roget going to have this Govt by the balls. And if those strikers succeed in getting what they want, it'll be a might blow to this govt. Don't watch this strike slight at all. Two things likely to happen here.....a further crippling of the PP Govt....and the making of Roget into a messiah figure...keep an eye on it.

Keep an eye too on all the petty crimes that are occurring....pensioners being beaten to death for $3000.00. Fashion designers being robbed of small amounts of cash and electronic items for a quick sale on the black market. The petty crime toll is edging back up...but no one announces that in the just who feels it knows it. So, those of us whose cars will be stolen, cell phones, laptops, handbags, will wonder where is the crime plan? Where's the 21st Century Policing? How is it helping us....and then when we turn around and realise gang warfare still rampant as ever, only weed getting seized, but never any cocaine.....and no white collar criminal is ever held accountable we will become more and more depressed, more and more frustrated, more and more fed up of watching Kamla and her Family Values team gorge themselves on the public purse.

De Vice Cyah Done!