Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 22mts, 19dys:

Ok, lemme get this straight, a little over 22 months ago the PM appointed her cabinet, most of them with Junior Ministers....and when these Ministers fly out the country, we still have to appoint replacements for them? Why? What's the point of these Junior Ministers? Not to deputise? So, take Rambachan for instance, Dyer-Griffith can't act/function for him, but John Sandy can? Well colour me mean Junior Ministers just there to eat ah food too? I hadda give the PM the Take Win Award of the day, oui. She is suing the Express for saying there was noise coming from her house. Now let me get this straight, on March 26th, a story about Kamla's neighbour's fleeing was printed, in the story the Achilleous family complain about the visual aesthetics, the noise from the helicopters and from parties....and the only part of their complaint that the PM takes issue with is the noise coming from her house? And she has decided that this allegation of noisemaking is damaging to her character?

Of ALL the stories that have made it into the public sphere about the PM, of all the stories that have the world laughing at us and making Trinis the butt of jokes everywhere....noise making is the libellous then the story about your family living at the PM's residence true? The story about the Govt Credit Card paying for the Louis Vee boots true too? The story about you using at least 2 helicopters everytime you travel correct as well? The story about the $2,000 a day for your hairdresser correct as well? The Elevator story correct too? So, Vidwattie and her son's really living at the State's expense, then?

I can't believe that of all the stories that buss in the last month that could possibly defame the PM's character that a story about noise coming from her house is the one worthy of a libel case. Is this more media intimidation? Why the pre-action protocol letter have to list all your academic and professional achievements? Oh, right.....your character....I hear you Madam PM...carry on smartly, oui, girl. Only you know what it must be like to walk a mile in your (pricey and coskelle) shoes.

So sex crimes up by a 100 per cent, and next to that headline, the Guardian have a picture of a smiling DCP Richardson...I was nonplussed. But, I soldier on, because within the first paragraph of the story Richardson takes, what for me is a horror headline and dresses it up with glitter by informing us that this increased figure reflects confidence in the Police service.....somebody please come and pick my jaw up off the floor......sighhhhh. So, apparently the logic is that more people are feeling comfortable about reporting sex crimes because they have more confidence in the police service....I willing to take bets that how it really went is like this...People went to the real Police Commissioner first, and COP Ian Alleyne tell them, make a police report first and then check meh back and we go sort this out....doh hot yuh head!

In the last 5 years, 10 years, 15 years....have you gotten the impression that anything new or different is done about how Police treat with sex crimes? Is not a month ago a woman turned up naked at a Police Station, an alleged victim of rape, and the Police refused to take her report? This is not the same Police that beating crowd like they beating pan?

Richardson had me looking for he People's Partnership symbol, oui....because that statement sound like pure PR and Spin!


Prakash under pressure! Mr Bicycle wine now has the heavy task of choosing from a pile of plum posts to make him stop crying over the loss of the San Fernando mayorship. Game, Set and Match to the UNC....consolation prizes to the COP.

The Partnership remains intact, the ones at the top of the COP will eat ah food....and their party base will find all kinds of ways to defend Prakash's balls-less grandcharging. Nothing to see here folks, move on....I tell all yuh since last month Prakash aint going no where....and all this talk about principles and hurting the country....where was it for past events? The COP has now sold out its entire birthright to the could stop calling itself a party...there is nothing separate or distinct about either parties or their vision and mission. Coming highlights will be seeing both Carolyn and Prakash sing mightily for their suppers in Parliamentary debates.

Round 2 of PantyGate set for Monday, because Sat has decided to ignore the court ruling, while the TSC is saying if Cat continues to mis-read the ruling and block Sita it could have fireworks....I running out of Kettle Corn for this saga....The Sita and Sat show beginning to drain me...we need new cast members to spice things up....and I need popcorn donations from my devotees!

Oh, the woman who claimed to have punched 2 yr old Aaliyah to death, just announced she's preggers again! Ah, motherhood, such a blissful state!

There was a brutal and nasty attack on a couple in Freeport. Thieves stole their pension money after brutally attacking I was going to joke and say, this has to be a false story because everybody knows Freeport wasn't a hotspot and doesn't have crime....but it's pretty difficult to look at the battered skull of Mrs Gangabissoon and be flippant.

But in a country that has had 3 straight years of no economic growth, no job stimulation in sight and a decline in morals and values from the top come down.....does any of this really surprise or move us anymore?

For Mrs Gangabissoon's sake,  I hope she  and her husband recover from the attack...but theirr bruises are now beyond physical. They are no doubt, like many of us here, brutally scarred by simply trying to get by in Trinidad on a daily basis!


De Vice Cyah Done!