Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 22mts, 17dys: Failing the Children!

Remember Daniel Guerra? Remember he was picked up in a car a stone's throw from his house, by a parlour, and days later his body was found in the Tarouba waterway system? Remember people speculated about his mother, and her boyfriend who was linked to the police service?

Remember the Prime Minister as a mother and a grandmother went to the family's home to cry with Daniel's mother and grandmother?

Remember the Prime Minister wrote a Letter to Daniel, that was really a letter promising to save all the children of Trinidad and Tobago promising that what happened to Daniel, Akiel, Sean Luke, Amy, Hope.....would never happen again....

Well, according to Alicia Hospedales in crimes against children are on the rise, and the government has been quietly dismantling social work and welfare projects that can assist in these situations.....So think about little Aaliyah now, who, according the forensic report was beaten to death.... This is going to happen again and again partly because this society is very sick and partly because very few systems are properly enabled to deal with these issues....when last you hear about the trial against the two boys that killed Sean Luke? I done have work for Verna to do, you have work for Verna to do.

Sir Herbert Loose Cannon is living up to his name and reputation. Lord Minister of Injustice has taken it upon himself to declare Atiba Duncan's killing a homicide...all on the basis of him being the MP for St Joseph, the constituency that Mt D'or falls into. It sound to me like Volney trying to cover he ass and save face with his residents. It pretty well known that during elections 2010 Volney, and former Minister for the area, Carlos John were seen in the company of community leaders as they did their walkabouts in the area. Fellas, doh hot all yuh head....Herbie have yuh  back! According to forensic pathologist Dr Alexandrov, Atiba Duncan was shot in the back. So Herbie missed one.

Devant facing some heat for over questionable contracts with PTSC and Airports Authority. I just glad to know that even grasscutters eating ah food too!

The Partnership meet and talk for 4 hours yesterday and meeting again today...

TCL workers receiving death threats, it is alleged that they have Venezuelans working at the plant now.

And the State vs Cheryl Miller has added a new lawyer to the State's side....Fuad like he get vex with Vashiest Maharaj and went and hire Devesh Maharaj and Russell Martineau with Silk!

The plot thickening, folks....this might mean they planning to go to a full trial. Kuchoorments and La Cooray!

De Vice Cyah Done!