Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 22mts, 17dys: Salary Increase????

Plenty new and interesting stories on the horizon today folks, the Salaries Review Commission contemplating increasing the salaries of the PM and her MPs, the last time they got a salary increase was 2006.

As a worker, I could understand it...but as a citizen of this country looking at all of the abuses of state funds and state infrastructure, and the pure underperformance of most, if not all, ministers, I'm against it. Last May the parliament quietly gave itself the right to drive state vehicles as well as keep its travel allowance.

The PM agreed to a salary cut for herself and her ministers to top up a Children's Life Fund, any salary increase should go directly to that fund. As far as I am concerned they're already paid too much to do too little, with no accountability and no pressure to perform!

Ag Superintenant Bisnath Maharaj  is the new SSA Director, says the Express, he replaces Reshmi Ramnarine. The appointment is not yet officially announced. I waiting to hear who Bisnath related to.

The PM is confident that today's peace talks with other Partnership leaders will go well. We are confident too that Prakash has totally boiled down and that all is once again well with the coalition. So, all that talk about the COP being abused in the Partnership, about the Party being forced to accept the dictates of the UNC is now just that, talk.....and see how we playing nice? We making Dooks the Acting PM in Kamla's absence. We Stronger than Ever.....repeat it often.

Mr Shoppin Toppin has come forward to say his wife is an honest woman...when you consider that the underground allegations are that the credit card was being swiped by him at ATMs....and to date I still wonder why no one ever demanded ATM footage to know who was swiping the card...he'd better come out and defend his wife because she may well be supporting his expensive tastes off that credit card. Everybody and their husband eating ah food with this government, oui.

Two of the leading stories of the day deal with the sexual abuse of minors. And I'm hoping that Minister St Rose Greaves will spend less time assuring the media that Cheryl Miller is mentally unstable and earn her salary by tabling the Children's Bill. Between March 3rd to the present this government has used excuse after excuse for why the Bill can't be tabled. Maybe in light of the assault on little Aaliyah Johnson and the 5 yr-old-boy who allowed himself to be buggered in exchange for sweets by several boys and men, Verna will start to act like a Ministers and a little less like an authoritarian standing by as abuse takes place. I believe that a revamped Bill with stiffer penalties are necessary. And it's been necessary years now. This is a government that does well gallery itself about the Life Fund it started, and the Oncology Centre for Children that they turn some dirt for, and yet 22 months later, they can't table the Children's Bill for debate?

The news reporting 10 murders in the last 5 days.....repeat after me, "There is a Crime Plan, the SoE was a success."

So, now I hearing that Omar Khan really resign because he name jumping in talk about misconduct in public life. The Integrity Commission is now conducting investigations into the Ministry of Public Utilities, specifically T&TEC , because there is talk about abuse of public funds while Khan was there. Further it appears that Khan's qualifications, attached to a Cabinet note were in fact inaccurate because he doesn't have a Bsc in Engineering or an MBA from the Institute of Business. Bobol and more bolbol with this government. There are investigations into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Communications, because it is alleged that Minister Suruj Rambachan has interfered with the media freedom.

Is bobol and more bobol with this government. When you want to learn how to undermine a system and abuse state resources just take pattern after the members of the People's PArtnership. No wonder the Guardian UK said that JAck Warner was fortunate to find employers with lower ethical standards than FIFA....what that really tell you about the people who running this place?

De Vice Cyah Done!