Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 22mts, 16dys: Bullies and Back-Pedallers!


I hear Fitzie naming Verna bold bold in a radio interview clip on news this morning and I read the comments from the head of the Public Service in the Express this morning and mankind and womankind reaching for tarpaulin to  cover their ass. It appears that the Perm Sec in Gender Affairs only raise the issue after the mark buss in the media.....Sandra Jones, something as important as committing a colleague to St Ann's you aint even write an e-mail, much less a report on this issue? so immune you is Sandra? You don't even have to inform your superiors about so important a decision? But the Public Service is a dangerous place to work??????

Fitzie saying he never call the media vultures....and Fitzie I hope you aint backpedalling now too, eh!

Senior Counsel Stanley Marcus is urging Health Minister Fuad Khan to hush... but Fuad, is days now I telling you hush. Is days now I telling you that you can't be discussing Cheryl Miller business in such a casual and cavalier much years you is a doctor, you never learn bout doctor/client confidentiality? Quit the Cheryl Miller Smear done looking bad that your ministry involved in this the right thing!

So the Min of Health meeting with everybody that was involved today, to get their stories straight. And Cheryl Miller has been advised to stay at home....until the case resolved....Wait, is send they sending Cheryl home? She on suspension? Holiday? No-pay leave? Look, this is the public service....define the leave all yuh asking/telling/demanding Miller take.

I beginning to feel really sorry for the senior members of the Public Service, because at every turn in this issue they are revealing themselves to be inept, bumbling fools. This issue is fast becoming a PR nightmare that's going to haunt them for years, if not decades to come.....

spate of murders happened in a 24-hr period, the murder toll is now 100, according to the Newsday's tally. The Guardian reports 5 murders over a 24-hr period. Repeat after me, "The SoE was a success!"

Deputy Commissioner of Police is busy defending the 21st Century Policing Plan...that managed to catch 20 ppl over the weekend for drunk driving and traffic offences. I wish we could get a Crime Plan that dealt with the issues plaguing our society in a multi-pronged way....sighhhhhhh.

Then it seems as if sexual crimes against children are back in the news. A  two-year-old girl was sexually abused before her death, and police aren't ruling out murder.

And it appears that there is a ring of paedophiles in Claxton Bay, ranging from the ages of 13 to 51.

So, question, Minister St Rose Greaves, when exactly is this government going to table the Children's Bill in parliament. More than 6 weeks ago Minister Roodal Moonilal claimed that the PNM's Motion of No Confidence was the reason the Bill couldn't be tabled. Surely enough weeks have passed....surely our parliament's time can be taken up debating this Bill rather than listening to Anand and Roodal lie and dishonour the reputation of private citizens and former public servants.

So, when you aren't standing by watching your PS bully weaker members of staff....can you please try and table the Bill?

Partnership talks are due to resume tomorrow, as Prakash Ramadhar flies in to talk peace. Look out for more back pedalling and bicycle wining, look out for Ramadhar et al protecting their few remaining positions of power...look out for total surrender to the UNC after 2 weeks of grandcharge that lead to no where.

It's Monday folks, Mt D'or still vex about Atiba Duncan's murder and Shoppin Toppin have to answer questions before her party for abusing the Govt credit card. The week now start.....the game of thrones continues!


De Vice Cyah Done!