Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 22mts, 15dys: Waists Will Roll!

Imagine we still on holiday in Trinidad, when we does work????? So, last night I bringing ah pardna up to speed on the Cheryl Miller case because he was in transit for the last few days and unable to read the blog (me woulda shame). And as I recounting the information as it unravelled from Thursday evening (which is where he miss out from) when Fuad Khan gave an interview to I95.5, I and all had to pause at the sheer marvell

ousity (word have to make up) of this story.

You have a situation where people used their clout to bypass rules and regulations to ward a person in a mental institution and up to last Thursday, while recounting this evidence, the Minister of Health was reciting confidently that all proper procedure had been followed. Mind you, is through Khan that we found out that the call to St. Anns came from someone high up in his office. And I am assuming that since Fuad knew where the call came from, and had a report in his hand about the Cheryl Miller incident that he was gleefully dropping juicy, yet inconclusive bits of information from, that he knew under what section of the law that Miller had been detained. All of the info had to be there. And up until Friday, Khan saw absolutely nothing strange about Miller's detention????? Nothing at all? Not even that the sub-section under which she was detained was beyond stretching our imagination?

Listen, not even VS Naipaul could make this absurdity up!

Is only when Khan realise that the Govt have egg all over its face (and that must have come in the aftermath of the revelations in court on Friday evening and the comments made by attorneys Dana Seetahal and Nyree Alfonso on the matter, which indicated that the State's case was shaky at best) he decide that heads will roll. Not his exact words, but an approximation of it. And as I contemplated Khan's comments in the Express, it occurred to me that maybe even the Minister of Feelings, Verna St Rose Greaves, had to have known under what legal terms Miller was detained, and the ministry officials in her office, the ministry officials in Health and the personnel at St. Ann's......and none of them thought that their detention of Miller was strange????? THEY MAD?????????

I get up this morning to read that Miller will be getting private tests done to find out if the drugs she has been given have harmed her in any way; and that Khan has called a Council of the Ministerial Suspects. If you ask me, that meeting isn't going to be about finding out who is at the bottom of this, because something tells me Khan already knows, and has known since Holy Thursday. This meeting may well be to strategise on how to cover their asses, and find a way to placate a very angry public.

People in positions of authority here have gotten to accustomed to banding together to suppress, hush up and sweep away bad things, that I am convinced from Ministers (and is two involved) to Perm Sec to Deputy Perm Sec felt convinced that they could detain Miller, and not a word would be said about it...because them in charge!!!!

Right now the game that the Ministries, with the aid of the Psychiatrist's Association playing, is one of character smearing....and one only needs to take a look on FB and the online media comments to see how many "sick"chiatrists we have in Trinidad. Thread after comment thread have people focussed on determining whether or not Miller is mad, as their way to justify the action taken against her....and this is despite all of the obvious and damning information that the state authorities breached protocol to lock up an individual. Cheryl Miller's mental state is not  and never has been the issue on trial here, but rather how she was detained. But the state is playing a sick game of twisting its comments in the media to suggest and imply that "Cheryl aint too right in she head yuh know, so we had was to treat she this for she own good...really".

But I think Miller's lawyers have smelled blood....if this thing goes to full trial with testimonies from all parties it is going to be an interesting time as we hear detail by detail exactly how people in positions of power go about using their knowledge and contacts to breach it. We bound to hear about phone calls....and weird comments like, "Well, it not on the law books, but is so we always doing it." Cheryl Miller's case has unwittingly opened an entire can of worms not just about abuse of authority in state-run institutions but what precisely goes on with mental health care in Trinidad. Madness has a serious stigma and taboo here....people don't like to talk about it, or admit to it....they fraid people watch them funny. And more often than not we too happy for the authorities to remove crazy people from our line of sight and consciousness.

Despite the many calls from people (most of whom for some reason saw this as a partisan, political, support yuh party issue) to leave the matter alone and "all yuh hush, nah. How all yuh so sure the woman not mad and deserved to be in St. Ann's", I'm glad that Cheryl's colleagues and indeed many other citizens did make a fuss about this, and voiced their displeasure and kept questioning the authorities. At the bottom of it, this has nothing to do with UNCOP vs PNM (although Fitzie and Faris presence hard to ignore) and everything to do with how we as citizens are treated by people in positions of power.

Too often in matters like this the state authorities does wine on us....and wine hard too. So, sorry Khan is not heads alone I want to see roll. I am hoping, that given the details of this case, and Cheryl Miller's battery of lawyers that she aint just get to wine back on the state, I want she tremble it and raise a leg too....because they damn well deserve it!

De Vice Cyah Done!