Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 22mts, 13dys: Fishy Smells

IT's Good Friday, for Catholics today is the day that Christ gets punished and crucified for our collective sins. For Cheryl Miller, today is the day she might be released from St. Ann's mental hospital. There  is a lot about this Cheryl Miller case that smells fishier and fishier daily. The latest is that Watson Duke has found his testicular fortitude and wants heads to roll over Cheryl Miller's commitment to the institution.

The Association of Psychiatrists of Trinidad and Tobago issued a statement to boof Amery Browne for his comments about Miller's detention. The association is contending that all proper procedures were followed and that there is nothing wrong with how Miller was institutionalised. This is the same Association that lashed out at Mayor Lee Sing when he decided to round up and instiutionalise the vagrants on the street of Port of Spain...Lee Sing's decision then was described by Dr Hazel Othello, the President of the Association in 2010, as cruel and inhumane.....If what Lee Sing proposed in 2010 was cruel and inhumane, what makes what happened to Miller acceptable?

Last evening on 195.5 Min of Health Fuad Khan gave an interview on the matter in which he revealed that he had received a report on the matter (he'd had it in hand for 45 min, he said, before calling the station). Khan also insisted that proper procedures were followed....and here's the procedure. After whatever transpired at the Min of Gender Affairs the PS at the Ministry called her contacts in the Min of Health....this PS had previously been the PS in the Min of Health and so knows the systems internal workings. Her contacts at the Min of Health made the call to St. Ann's. St Ann's personnel was then dispatched to the Min of Gender Affairs (Cheryl Miller would have been writing her letter of apology at this time). When they arrived there they questioned Ms Miller and using Khan's language "coerced" Miller into going to St Ann's. There are conflicting statements coming from the Min of Gen Aff...but one minute there was a file, the next minute there is no file....the presence of this file is what determines why no one at the Min of Gen Aff called Miller's family in. They claim that they didn't know who her next of kin was. So, having no next of kin info, the choice was to commit Ms Miller.

Now here is where things become sticky with bacteria for me....and when something has bacteria on it, it begins to ooze and smell. The Mental Health act, which I posted a few days ago on this blog does allow for involuntary institutionalisation, but the condition is that the person must have prior certification, and upon admission at the institution be examined. And must be examined 48 hours again. This was the first occasion that Cheryl had been institutionalised. So I'm wondering on what grounds was she committed? Who is the doctor that made the diagnosis? And how is it that a diagnosis that allows for institutionalisation at St Ann's was made so quickly?

After an incident like this, Miller's entire life is changed....and I am worried that the correct procedure on this matter wasn't followed. And that Miller, regardless of what her mental state is, has had her human rights violated by a Ministry which should be promoting the preservation of such....and in the last week it seems as if the Min of Health, the Min of GA, the Psychiatrist Association and the People at St Ann's are now playing a clever game of cover up and cover their asses. The one thing that everyone keeps avoiding is that bit in the Act that says the person must have prior certification.....and you know sometimes is the little straw that does break the camel back....The latest talk this morning is that Cheryl has been released. For her sake I hope that she is in a place where she is receiving love, care and support, regardless of where that is.

Mt D'Or was up in arms and flames yesterday. And here's another incident where you getting multiple versions of a story: the people's side and the authorities side. By yesterday evening Atiba Duncan had at least three ages and multiple stories behind how he got shot. It was his killing that fuelled the angst of the community. Residents claim he was escaping the police and shot in the back. Police agree that he was escaping their custody, but they add a gun to the story...apparently the victim was armed and reaching for his weapon when they shot him multiple times in the back.

One wonders how our police force has not yet learned to shoot people in their legs or in non-fatal areas of the body. If you're bringing him in for question, how is being dead helping anything?

As predicted, before George Nicholas charimanship even get lukewarm Devant Maharaj had replaced him with  Rabindra Moonan......Moonan doh just move mountains, now he going and move planes! And from what I heard Moonan's company was in trouble with the US over monetary, I'm concerned about the business acument he brings to the table considering that he doesn't actually have any Civil Aviation experience....but who needs relevant experience under Govermentia Nepostitica!

In the latest rounds of finger pointing Petrotrin Chairman blasts Rowley and says the country has to suck up the $2.8bn loss on the World Gas to Liquid plant.

The talk is Prakash Ramadhar returning from his 3-week vacation to have peace talks with Kamla. Now, bear with me...we gone from being up in arms over Marlene Coudray and unprincipled behaviour to "peace talks"? Nothing to see here folks, just smoke and mirrors!


This country hadda be the largest bobolee I see for Good Friday!

De Vice Cyah Done!