Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 22mts, 12dys: Pantomime late today because I went up in the office to see if Vidwattie close warm personal friend, George Nicholas the turd, really fire de wuk in truth.... I find like he cyah take criticism....I mean Georgie go let two-three comment from Devant Maharaj upset you? All that go happen now is Devant go make one of he friend, who is the janitor for the top floor toilets in the airport, Chairman of CAL....wait til people start making up FB Support/Hate Groups for might dead!

And I see like  Amery Browne smell the same rat I smelling with Cheryl Miller. Whole day yesterday I trying to figure out how the Minister of Feelings and her managerial staff could take the decision to commit Cheryl so, especially when you consider what the Mental Health act say on the matter...then I start to wonder if Cheryl see and know something and they need to hush she up....or make anything that come out she mouth be easily discredited.....eyes on you Verna...eyes on have yet to perform since you in Govt....eyes on you! In my opinion, you Verna need to make a jail for abusing this woman's rights in this way! Before you get the Children's Bill tabled to prevent 5 year olds being buggered by grown men, you involved in HR fracas that detaining people wrongfully!

All yuh hear Prakash out the country until maybe May???? And I tell all yuh he going and boil down like bhagee? This is the COP way of saying Let's Move On! Take that in all yuh pweffen! Marlene Coudray has won the day!

Pension and disability cheques today..... Glen, what really going on with your ministry boy? Retirees doh forget these missteps come election time yuh know!

I see the Scarborough Hospital finally open! 10 points to the PP, 0 points to the PNM....Manning was too busy building the Sydney Opera House in Town to study to give Tobagonians a proper facility. But doh forget to bury Ashworth party come THA elections....we doh want him!

And I want to congratulate Ashworth....anybody who capable of doing so badly in Tobago that they could resurrect Hochoy Charles political career deserve an award!

I see former Brig Peter Joseph fire back and Anand for using the cover of Parliament to lie on him....what's new with this government????

And the hard part is their supporters always finding jackass reasons to support and condone their criminal, corrupt and vulgar wonder...

De Vice Cyah Done!