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Folks, remember how the country was up in arms over Reshmi being appointed as head of the SIA because she was pretty much  unqualified for the job?

Well from what I hear on news last night, hiring underqualified people becoming a trend with this government. I am advised that transport Minister Devant Maharaj has hired a former security guard, who barely has a diploma in civil aviation to be the Operations Manager at the airport, while other more qualified people with degrees and Masters in the area have been ignored for the post.

Last night an online comment on the matter went like this..."But all this time I went to school and spend money to study when all I needed to do was be born a Hindu". It getting worse folks and it smelling bad. The nepotism and cronyism in this government beyond rampant now. While most Trinis  accept that with each change of government there will be some level of "troughing it" and feeding and eating ah food will take place, it has become far too wide spread and vulgar with this government.

After reading Clarence Rambharat's article about the issue of ethnic composition of state boards, I wondered again, where is the new politics that was promised? And how much longer can this situation last?

If friendships and blood ties are what determine job appointments at state bodies, then do we really have competent people running any aspect of our country currently?

A radio report yesterday said Prakash Ramadhar is now out of the country, so I imagine the talks have been postponed. And lemme tell you now how this going to go. The "TALKS" ended since Monday....Prakash done accept he terms....but he will disappear, then a red herring issue will be waved at the public....and then quiet quiet you will realise that there are no more talks, the COP back in Parliament normal normal and everyone acting like the rift never took place. Marlene might be made a senator, Seepersad-Bachan might lose her portfolio and lo and behold, Marlene become a Minister...or Senate Vice President. Either which way, the situation has been quietly resolved and they giving all yuh time to develop amnesia on it. You know Trini memory short.

I hear East Port of Spain....or is it South East Port of Spain....threatening to march on the city because the make work programmes stop...hmmmm we might have a Colour Me ORange Revolution????? Or maybe is grand charge to frighten the PM into creating more work for them.

The latest Pantygate update is that Sita no longer wants her transfer, and a judge has ordered the TSC to hold it.

The Minister of Feelings, Verna St Rose Greaves, is expressing sorrow over the forced commitment of one of her employees into the St Ann's Mental Facility. Now according to the Mental Health Act these are the reasons for admitting a person, and the conditions under which an "urgent admission" can take place:

Every person who is or is reasonably believed to be in need of such treatment as is provided in a psychiatric hospital may be admitted thereto— (a) as an urgent admission patient; (b) as a voluntary patient; (c) as a medically recommended patient; (d) by an order of the Court made pursuant to section 13; (e) by an order of the Minister of National Security made pursuant to section 14; or (f) on the application of a Mental Health Officer under section 15.

7. (1) The Psychiatric Hospital Director or a duly authorised medical officer may, subject to subsection (3), admit to a hospital as an urgent admission patient any person in respect of whom an application is made. (2) An application under subsection (l)— (a) may be made by any person who alleges that the person in respect of whom the application is made is mentally ill and, in the interest of his health and for the safety and protection of others, or either of them, ought to be detained in a hospital; and (b) shall be accompanied by a certificate of a medical practitioner other than the duly authorised medical officer responsible for the admission of the person.

Now, if we went by what the Act says, it means that whoever in the Ministry alleged that Ms Miller was mentally ill, also had documented evidence to prove that Ms Miller was indeed ill and produced this to the person who admitted Ms Miller into St. Ann's hospital. If this didn't happen.....then on what grounds was she admitted?

There is a lot of talk being bandied about over the last two days about "forced imprisonment", "police state" and "authoritarian rule". Can the Minister of Feelings come forward and clear the air and tell people on what grounds Ms Miller was committed? And doh tell me is because she was acting strange, because then real people in the government could be committed on sight....and what about all the apparently mentally disturbed people on the streets? Why aren't they being committed?

Something smells decidedly rotten about this situation and I keeping an eye on the airport's Operations Manager issue with Devant. This place moving from bad to worse at warp speed.


De Vice Cyah Done!