Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 22mts, 10dys: Bicycle Wine!

All yuh ever see Denise Belfon do the Bicycle Wine?

Well Prakash Ramadhar and he band outperforming Belfon this morning.

When is not Navi Muradali alleging that the Express reporter misquote Anil, when it was clearly reported in the Express about 2 days ago that Anil not attending meetings because of a grouse with the COP Deputy Mayor; then is Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan who claiming she never accused the UNC of corruption, when I see not one, but two stories in recent days of Seepersad-Bachan accusing the UNC of corruption and that they should clean up their voter list!

Well yes, Navi and Carolyn....I can only assume they misprint all yuh kaiso!

Then is to hear Ramadhar self yesterday evening saying that Coudray is not really the issue, their talks didn't centre on the mayorship issue, but other areas of leadership. Well kick me but doh throw me down! If wasn't for the fact that even the PM own blogspot run by Jyoti Communications didnt have a story on Prakash and Mayor Marlene, I woulda say I dream last week's events!

Well folks, sit back with a bowl of hot buttered, and wait for Ramadhar and he All-Fours side protect the few trump cards they have left. If you were expecting a party in this coalition to take a stand...principled or otherwise.....COP is not the party. The COP is dead....LONG LIVE THE UNC!

The stronger than ever 2-year party on May 24th likely to eclipse Independence and see!

In other news, the PM delivered a coded message last night saying our best days are yet to come...but we must compromise. I hope the All Fours team listening....fatter pockets for all yuh...but back down and behave...HEEL!

The Opposition has come out to inform us that once again the Govt.....needing to distract the public from their abject failure at everything...has made up another grand story....this time about the massive oil find. Quelle Surprise! Everyone from economists to energy experts trying for the last 5 days to tell Kamla politely "hush yuh mouth, nah!" But this queen will stop at nothing to amuse and amaze when her government is in trouble. Teacher Percy woulda give this People's Panchayat the Liar Crown just for showing up!

Fuad Khan find the newspapers overdoing it with the story on the radiation victims. Maybe if Fuad did get zap he woulda understand!

All yuh hear we might be getting the Crop Duster to fight crime, in truth? So after all them inquiry and reports Sandy and Gibbs still went ahead!

In what have to be the sexiest heist to take place in Trinidad since this government start plundering the treasury, the bridge between Cedros and Point Fortin was stolen and it is alleged sold as scrap iron! Ah wanna fall!

And for all Trinbagonians who have decided this is not a fete in here, this is madness, and looking to fly out temporarily or for good....US Visas (and departure tax) have increased!

De Vice Cyah Done!