Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 22 mts, 9dys: Onward to a Backpedal?


April's Fool is over and somehow I think Jack Warner is still on the National Security Council, but the issue on everyone's front burner today is, will the People's Partnership mash up? It seems from day one of this partnership we've been sitting around waiting to point out the cracks, waiting for them to "pull ah Nar" and split up after a "Club 88".  Coalition governments historically have been viewed with suspicion, especially since 1971 to present all coalition governments have pretty much come together to unseat the PNM....and they have either imploded before the actual election or exploded  not too long after gaining victory. Analysts who weighed in on the Partnership last year pointed out weaknesses that for all intents and purposes still there. There are no new politics, no accountability, no enervation of the economy or a comprehensive crime plan yet.

It is understandable then, that there are concerns about the longevity of this partnership. Meetings resume today with all members. And there are concerns that last week's positions on the Mayorgate issue have changed.

Yesterday, the COP held emergency meetings at their offices in Charlieville and  leader Prakash Ramadhar has assured that  he will protect the partnership. does this smell like a back-pedal from last week's position to you?  Meanwhile Anil Roberts, who didn't attend yesterday's meeting says insiders are causing problems. And he lashed out at Vernon de Lima.

To add fuel to the Partnership's fire, the Generation Next faction of the UNC are no questioning the legitimacy of Marlene Coudray's UNC membership, and thereby her validity as a candidate for the party's recently held internal elections.  Roodal Moonilal, on whose slate Coudray entered the UNC's political fray, remained as inappropriate as ever with his responses to Panday's queries. Moonilal questioned Panday's right to question the election, perhaps forgetting that she is a member of the party, and if in only that respect has a right to ask questions about the party she is a member of. Ms Panday also raised questions about the UNC's voter issue that COP MP Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan has also made statements on.

Two things hit the news this weekend that I think quite important. There is now a 100% increase in departure tax. I suppose given the state of the economy the government needs to raise taxes...but when you read that story the justification for the increase seems fuzzy at best.

Then there is the snafu between our govt, primary shareholders in TSTT, and Cable and Wireless.  It's no secret that this government has made many mistakes with how it negotiates international deals and tenders. It's made the papers, The Keith has raised it in parliament. The US and Japan pissed with us over a trade agreement; didn't we also face legal action over the OPV contracts? Now C&W threatening legal action? But what to say when your board is made up questionable people.....Ravi Ratiram is the deputy chairman....anyone from UWI reading this blog? Then you already know where I going with this!

Well the week now start and we already on tenterhooks waiting for the latest episode of the soap opera to unfold!

Rigged voter lists, questionable members and memberships of parties and boards, nepotism, corruption, public abuse of funds......sigggghhhhhh.


De Vice Cyah Done