Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime: 22months....Squandermania inna 4D and UNC Elections!

So today is the big day folks.....will Jack remain as party chairman....that is the only reason anybody outside of the UNC party even paying attention to these elections.

I don't think that anyone feels Generation Next stands a fighting chance.

And Roodimonster's slate, anchored by Marlene Coudray seems to be the clear favourites in an election that has been fraught with tensions from the get go.

My pick for UNC Chairman is Jack. I feel Warner savvy enough to school Ashvani today.

Squandermani inna 4D!

Well it beginning to look like Kamla Persad-Bissessar and her Small Goal team planning to out-do the PNM on every level.

When is not first class trips for Vidwattie, is to find out that Vidwattie getting checks from the government that she aint cash for the year and her address is listed as the Office of the Prime Minister!

When is not checks to Vidwattie is to hear that Vidwattie and her sons living at the PM's residence and using the official cars and outriders....and is tax payers have to support well as support Kamla in her private residence in Phillipine, SanFernando....and then you have Suruj Rambachan coming to tell the nation that they should be happy about this abuse of Public Funds because it shows good family values.....this is kismehtail nonsense!

Last week the rumour was that Kamla paid for the Louis Vuitton boots out of the Govt Travel clear confirmation we are hearing that her current hairdressing costs are $2000.....a day!

I'm just waiting on the picture of her shoe closet!

One wonders what exactly causing people to excuse so much nonsense from Kamla...gender or ethnicity?

Had any past Prime Minister used State resources in a such a nepotistic way so blatantly there would have been such an outcry....yet,  everyone and their Volney....especially the feminazi squad seem to be rushing to Kamla's defence despite the fact that what she is doing is immoral and possibly illegal as well...but maybe that is good cultural values....

In the midst of all the bad governance that we are experiencing daily, one question that has reared in my mind regularly is what is the public service's role in all of this mismanagement. When Vasant Bharath appropriated the Ministry's Porsche for his own personal use, my first question had been where is the Perm sec in all of this...what did Mrs Leacock have to say. In the cases of Shoppin Toppin and Fuad Card, why was their no input from the Min of Finances Perm Sec on the abuses that took I seeing that there are no systems in place for assessing Permanent Secretaries... surely as the chief administrators of the Public  Service they too should be held accountable for some of this government's misstepping...some eh.....not ALL...not by a long shot.

Speaking of good family values....I finally have something good to say about the COP....the executive for Lopinot/Bon Air West have Lincoln Douglas under pressure for under performance.....WETTING!

TCL continues to be a war zone...and while McLeod condemning the violence... Roget saying that TCL's labour policies is the real act of terrorism.

Today, Fuad Khan....lately of the credit card abuse scandals, has announced that is more fete than madness going on in st. Ann's because 60% of the people housed there don't have mental illness, but their family just don't want to mind them!

Maybe their family don't have good cultural values Mr Khan....or maybe their family don't have the entire treasury at their disposal...or the wherewithal and skill to look after their relatives....question is st. Ann's running efficiently? Is it treating its patients properly?

TSTT is the latest company to be embroiled in protests and kuchoor.... keep an eye on this one could hit us hard where it matters....communication! You know trinis cyah be without their blackberries, Androids and Iphones.

Lemme head down to Rienzi now and ask Herbert Volney where he get my cell number from to be texting me to vote for he to set me free with the UNC!


De Vice Cyah Done!