Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 21mts, 22dys: A Govt Minister's Salary!


A thousand pardons for my lateness this morning....but I still trying to get over the boldfacedness...the facety nature, of Fuad Khan's apology. Plus I was looking at the break down of a government minister's salary and my jaw dropped!

Fuad Khan is the second government minister to say point blank, yes, I am abusing the Govt Visa Travel Card.....what exactly you telling me Dr Khan is that you, a seasoned member of Parliament, who would have been around when we tarred and feathered Camille Robinson-Regis, misused the card, and you feel that in taking front and apologising that  helps us to ignore the fact that you broke and breached rules?

This is what we have come to in Trinidad and Tobago...a cabinet of ministers who openly flout rules and feel that saying they did nothing wrong, deciding they no longer wish to answer questions or taking in front by saying sorry absolves them from the very obvious fact that they are breaking laws!

This latest from Khan, whose ministry by the way bought $50,000.00 worth of tickets to his Carnival All-Inclusive fete this year had me thinking about the salaries, perks and benefits of Govt ministers.....all the things we give to these ministers at the expense of the treasury so that they will serve the nation and citizens of Trinidad and Tobago....

The Pantomime decided to show you what they get, and wants you to decide if we, the people of Trinidad and Tobago getting our $$$$$$ worth:

Government Minister Salary and Allowances

Note that:

  • all telephone and landline bills are covered.
  • The Medical benefits cover ministers, their spouses and their unmarried children under the age of 18.
  • A car loan is covered up to $200,000.00 Yet Vasant and other still want to appropriate and drive Ministry vehicles!
  • A loan to cover the vehicle's insurance is provided for
  • A transporation allowance is given
  • An allowance for a personal chauffeur is also given.
  • Elected and non-elected Government ministers who live and reside in Tobago are given free ferry and air tickets
  • A minister who normally resides in Tobago but has to take up duties in Trinidad get's a monthly allowance of $5000.00
  • A subsistence allowance of  $1600 and the State pays for all meals and accomodations while they are here.
  • The allowance for Tobago ministers also covers the meals and accomodation of the spouse....which makes you wonder why exactly Shoppin Toppin had to be using the Govt Credit Card so much when all her accomodations, travel and meal expenses ARE ALREADY MET BY THE STATE!!!!!! What were the withdrawals for? What was the credit card being used towards? 
  • Ministers are also entitled to a housing allowance of up to $8000.00 a month
  • Entertainment allowance.
  • An annual travel grant of $20,000.00

And I haven't yet discussed their basic salary.....add this up and see what the average Govt Minister makes...this is not the PM's salary....and we not yet discussin any minister found to be taking bribes and kick back....Tell me if this country has yet begun to get value for its money!

De Vice Cyah Done!