Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 21mts, 21dys:



Well is heat in the place from La Brea, to Mon Desir, to Claxton Bay to La Fantaisie Road.

When last Trinidad had so much protests going on in so many places at one time with so much confidence in the govt? Eh Kamla? Eh Prakash? Study all yuh head good....the population giving all yuh their response to that Pappy Show of a Parliamentary sitting that happened on March 2nd.

Yesterday a Maxi Taxi filled with TCL strike breakers/workers was stoned while taking workers away from the company's compound.

The Highway Re-Route Movement promising to do just that today. And they are insisting that re-routing the highway will save the govt money. But it seems to be falling on deaf ears. Imagine activists went to the official Prime Ministerial residence in St. Ann's expecting to see Kamla Persad-Bissessar....sorry folks, that's teh home of Kamla 2.0 and family, aka the travel assistant, aka Ms Vidwatie Newton. If you want to see the PM, you have to go to the house down South. That's the only office she works out of.

La Brea residents held a fiery protest outside Labidco for jobs. They insist that workers are being brought from outside of the area, while residents cannot get jobs.

As I predicted, Gibbs and Ewatski preparing to expose the state to litigation over their service appraisals. All yuh siddown there and feel these men tolerating any wrongful dismissal. Feel they tolerating any taint to their international reputations....feel they planning to do any work and make any improvements to the crime situation....nobody tell them they had to work when they come here...they did come to pose!

Shoppin-Toppin say she surprised TOP ask her to apologise for abusing the credit card. Asshworth, all yuh study all yuh head good? If Vernella don't think she do anything wrong when she abused the card, you think she will apologise?

We won't ever get any apologies from the members of this government when they misstep, misspeak and generally abuse the population.

And in the latest Vidwatie Newton news, the PM, who has said to the country that she is no longer answering any questions about her sister...because the people who voted her in, the people whose treasury she is plundering, don't deserve responses (whatever happened to transparency and serve the people?) has come out to defend Vidwatie yet again by establishing that she has a beautiful sister....She is woman hear her roar!

This government doesn't realise that you don't piss on a population in this way.

You don't insult the intelligence of tax payers and feel that because you have a voting base of psychophants that you safe and home free. Tides does turn....ask Manning about that.


In the meanwhile, De Vice Cyah Done!