Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 21mts, 18dys: The Gender Card Again!

Whole of last night my brain buzzing with this quarry in Blanchisseuse thing....then I wake up this morning to read that the PM play the gender card again and my morning derailed.

Anybody who know me well, knows that the feminist Get Out of Jail Free Card of "I am a frail female" does piss me off.

To sit and read that the PM, the Leader of a government and country issue a statement that uses gender to justify her misuse of public funds is enough to make one vomit! Beyond the constraints of ailing that can affect either gender, what can a female PM at Persad-Bissessar's age be coping with that is gender specific? Come, come, Madam PM!

I am a woman, I have different needs, and so it should be expected that I will abuse the public purse to have my sister travel with me internationally at the STATE's expense? The Iron Lady must be corroding with this one. Kamla Rani, don't get us wrong....nobody begrudging you your sister as a travel companion....nobody even begrudging you the luxury of aging and ailing...but why do WE THE TAXPAYERS have to shoulder the burden that is Vidwatie Newton's travel expenses? That is the crux of the matter. And for you to take what is fundamentally an issue of misuse of public funds and turn it into a plea for sympathy because of your gender makes you nasty and reprehensible! I said it!

Is not enough that you get caught lying when you said you paid her out of your own pocket.

Is not enough that you get caught lying when you said the Govt of India covered the expenses of your state visit to India.

Is it not enough that you sought to tarnish the reputation of a former Prime Minister and President to justify your pilfering of public funds?

The public had to find out that on at least 4 occasions the Cabinet approved travel funding to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars for your sister!

Now you come with a story that is designed to make us feel that as a woman, your needs are so different from that of any other person it GIVES YOU THE RIGHT to ABUSE PUBLIC FUNDS?

Is your husband not a doctor? Considering that many of the issues you listed in this statement refer to health and lifestyle issues, and considering that the state makes allowances for a spouse travelling with you, wouldn't it make sense for the person closest to you, with intimate knowledge of your health issues and with medical qualifications, be the one to accompany you on your travels?

I hear a pundit is also part of your travel preparing for the afterlife on every trip too?

The next major thing is this quarry....any environmental reporter worth salt and pepper and chadon beni could make chow and a reputation with what going on in Blanchisseuse right now. the first thing you have to know is that this Blanchisseuse Quarry issue started to get sticky under the PNM and has only worsened under the People's Panchayat because neither parties have an environmental policy worth anything.

Somewhere around 2004/2005 the PNM reversed legislation that  made it mandatory for anyone operating a quarry to require permission from the EMA. In the new legislation anyone operating a quarry under 150 acres can do so without permission from the EMA. The PNM issued this legislation to allow for the mining of aggregate to assist in the construction industry boom that was going on then.

So, in short, our environment was sacrificed for the sake of the construction boom. This new law led to many small quarries springing up overnight in the forests of the Northern Range. These quarries have affected the habitat for wild animals, our vegetation and our waterways. The quarrying also has implications for flooding on a national level.

Add to this mix the contract signed between the former PNM Government and the Sunway Construction company.....wait, you gasp...Sunway....Calder Hart?????

Yes folks, the construction company that is allegedly owned by Calder Hart is currently doing business under the People's Panchayat Government.

This is a government that came into power on all things Calder Hart....indeed Anand Ramlogan (remember him? the AG?) had staked his reputation as our AG on getting both Calder Hart and Parick Manning locked up for corruption. It stands to reason then that upon coming into office all contracts Trinidad and Tobago had with Calder Hart or any of his companies would have been suspended pending investigations. Especially when you realise that the Govt of Trinidad and Tobago actually losing $$$ on the deal with Sunway Construction.

So, the Pantomime wants to know:

Why have these contracts the Govt has with Calder Hart/Sunway not been suspended or cancelled? after all the OPV contracts were reviewed cancelled quick quick on the grounds that it wasn't in the country's best interest.

Who is benefitting from this arrangement with Sunway Ltd?

Are members of the People's Panchayat Govt in bed with Sunway and doing business with them????

Is it that we know where Calder Hart is and haven't brought him in for questioning An&?

Why has this govt not overturned those controversial environmental laws? (Prakash, look a worthy campaign to take up)

Is it that these questionable laws working in their favour?

Wasn't amendments to current environmental policies and practices part of your manifesto and 120 plan? (Prakash, all yuh forget?)

Interestingly enough, quarrying continued for 21 months under this regime and it only when Calder Hart's name get mentioned last week that Energy Minister Kevin Ramnarine swoop down like Enviro Batman to stop the quarrying.

Why now Kevin? Why after 21 months of quarrying? Why only when Sunway's name get mentioned? Is there something that this government trying to hide from the country? Might that be the reason the AG can't find or arrest Calder Hart yet?

I have a question for The Keith too....what are you doing to ensure that the PNM policies under Manning are going to be different under you? Because this environmental mess didn't happen in a vaccum on its own.

In other environmental issues, police and people clash over roads and social amenities. Maybe if these people were all women of a certain age with a sister called Vidwatie Newton their special needs would be addressed.

On Monday night into Tuesday morning four people were murdered. Maybe if this country was a female Prime Minister of a certain age then our special needs would be attended to and we'd get a CRIME PLAN!!!! Instead of watching Gibbs and Ewatski  not perform at their jobs while setting up to sue this government for what may be millions of dollars.

CLICOGATE has yet another twist in the scandal as it appears that $156m of NIB funds was sunk into Clico Investment Bank. Maybe the finance heads can explain to me why National Insurance $$$$$ had to be invested in Clico at a time when it was clear the company was in trouble....was this another form of bailout???????

In UNC Internal Elections news, know is water more than flour when Panday and Jack Warner saying the same thing...both men are convinced that the elections being tampered with internally. And at least one of them taking legal action.

And while Jack encouraging other members of the People's Panchayat to speak out, Assworth...sorry, Ashworth Jack telling them to hush.

TV6 doing some interesting work on the Diesel Bunkering trade in Trinidad and Tobago that for some strange reason does not seem to involve underground storage in Sea Lots or Beetham or residents of Beetham who resemble John Sandy....did anybody tell Minister Roodal Moonilal this? Is it possible that Minister Moonilal lied to the nation of Trinidad and Tobago in parliament in September 2011?

Ancil Roget has gone on record to say that poor management at TCL is what has led to industrial relations breakdown and the strike.

And Senate Vice-President Lyndira Oudit demonstrated her colossal ignorance of Parliamentary Law that led to the Opposition Walking out of the Upper House....Oudit is yet to admit that her ruling was inaccurate.....

But that is par for the course with this Govt...Wrong and Strong and Unapologetic!

De Vice Cyah Done!