Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 21mts, 17 dys: I am advised!


Ever noticed that when the PM is setting up to say something loose, stupid or unsubstantiated she starts with, "I am advised...."

Remember the party that campaigned against smelters, promised to reforest the mountains when it came into government and seemed generally pro-environment? Well I am advised, it lied! ASA Wright Nature Centre is under the gun. Video footage has been surfacing all over the web all week and not a word has issued for from the government! Or so, I am advised!




Remember the party that promised in 2010 it would end nepotism and cronyism. It would end the wasting of state funds and squandermania? Well I am advised it lied. The Prime Minister claimed that  fmr Prime Minister and President, ANR Robinson took his son with him on trips as a travel assistant at the expense of the state. And, it should come as a surprise to no one that her comments can't be supported. I am advised she lied!

This is the same government that is currently turning a blind eye to the illegal activities of Minister Vernella Alleyne-Toppin, aka Shoppin Toppin or Vanilla Topping!

In more PSC vs COP news, the Commish has decided that he too is not signing his performance appraisal and has even hired Attorney Dana Seetahal to defend him! Ah warn all yuh yesterday...Ah tell all yuh these two Canadian Cops going to make this legal....ah waiting for litigation and a settlement that will line their pockets! In the meantime Gibbs still over reached himself and rented a plane he had no legal right to rent...he still aint doing a thing when it comes to alleviating the crime situation here...WHERE DE CRIME PLAN?????? It getting a performance appraisal too?


Things heating up with TCL Strikers as they block the Mayo plant. Acting PM Mcleod warning that TCL could end up owned by Mexicans.

In more police brutality news COP Gibbs has to intervene on the issue of the raid at TIWU.  And SWWTU President Anisette calls for the policemen to be suspended.

On UNC Internal Elections front the party has been forced to extend Nomination Day especially since important things like people's names missing from the voter list. And Hubert Loose Cannon Volney has decided to join the internal elections fray as a deputy political leader of the party.

So, on the second day of this week the PM is making up stories (lying) and assassinating people's reputations to defend her loose and questionable actions. Vidwatie Newton is not hired by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, yet our tax dollars cover the cost of every trip she makes with her sister the PM. If there are no legal provisions for this, then this should not continue...this is wrong...this is NEPOTISM!

Where's the COP on this? Is Prakash Ramadhar mum yet again? Peas tin fall and hit him on his mouth?

What's the COP position on the quarrying in the Arima/Blanchisseuse area that's threatening the wild life reserve, Asa Wright? Quiet on that too Mr Ramadhar? What's the point of this COP? What's the point of a coalition govt?

Take a look at their 2010 Manifesto and see what they promised and what they've actually done!

The dust aint even settle on the Govt Travel Card Scandal and it's yet another scandal with this regime!

De Vice Cyah Done!