Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 21mts, 14dys:


Vanilla Topping says she didn't know what the terms and reference of the credit card was, hours after she released information to the media with the rules and guidelines as she knows it. This is the official statement issued to CTNT yesterday. Then by press time yesterday Shoppin Toppin was using ignorance of the laws/rules as her excuse in this Guardian lead story. She even said that she had the authority to use it locally, to the Express. Have the terms of use changed without the Opposition's knowledge?  I leave it up to you, reader, to decide whether you think Shoppin Toppin was unaware of the terms of use for the Government Credit Card. I need to go check how much tax dollars does come out of my salary to support shitty governance....yeah I said it!

Apparently Kamla's entourage of jetsetters also includes a travel advisor who is as close to her as a sister. And, I am sure that the fact that Kamla and her Deck of Jokers campaigned against nepotism and cronyism in 2010 means nothing now to supporters of her government. They see absolutely nothing wrong with the Prime Minister's sister holding such a position within her retinue. Gopaul luck and Seepaul luck in this place, oui. Even Kamla's neighbours reporting problems....when is not helicopter all hours of the day and night and feting weekdays and weekends is razor wire for she neighbours and them...

With so many rogue ministers doing their own thing and a country to run, when does this PM find time to party?

Sn& well frizzle up heself in Parliament yesterday...he say the head of SAUTT wasn't performing and Sautt was generally too expensive. The Pantomime have one question: in light of SAUTT's removal what replacing it and where the CRIME PLAN all yuh promise we??????

In between bad mouthing an actual crime plan he also defend Kamla's right to wear  silk. I think An& could be the PM's wardrobe adviser.

And the last shout I hear...but I waiting on an article to back it up...the PM considering Executive Presidency!!!!! Best Kamla change she name to Manning and sure as day does follow night, this government wants to implement proportional representation in this country!!!!!


De Vice Cyah Done!