Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 21mts, 13dys:

Tobago still in the news folks and is not Shoppin Toppin I with this morning...that was yesterday's news.

Orville London make we to know that this current Govt, through new legislation brought about by the AG, is attempting to interfere with Tobago's movement towards internal self government,

Now is a good 60 years Tobagonians working towards an internal self government agreement arrangement with Trinidad and under Robbie they make some headway. Now it seems the AG release a greenpaper that in effect redefines what is a Tobagonian and what is the land mass that is Tobago.....I sense people trying to take advantage and buy up Tobagonian lands from right under Tobagonians....stay tuned. As I get more info I will pass it on!

Now back to we Top Shopper!

Roodal claim is that she pay off she bill....and what we trying to show you Roodal is that Vernella is abusing a privilege.

Your govt doh have a problem with that? You watch these expenses she racking up? ATM withdrawals, local spending sprees?????

What other abuses all yuh turning a blind eye to in that party?

Israel Khan and Dana Seetahal's bid for Presidency of the Law Association rages on. Khan find Seetahal only promoting dances. And Seetahal say with Khan as her friend, she aint need enemies!

Cement is the new black market item in Trinidad...we importing it these days. And opportunistic hardware owners done jack up the price to $100 a bag!

In other news the parent's of the 5-day old baby killed by a catheter struggling to get a private autopsy. Mark my words...nothing will come of this. The hospital not going to take any responsibility for the piece of catheter found near their daughter's heart. Any investigation will simply show the catheter went there on its doctor was responsible!

DOMA worried about local industry. And the Couva/Pt Lisas Chamber of commerce worried that higher wages will hurt the construction industry. I want to toss into the pot as well that a stagnant economy and poor fiscal policies and lack of vision for enervating the economy....all features of this current regime of governance going to screw us over too! But that is just me.

The Rani is off at CHOGM trying to score points so she is muching up the Jamaica PM and looking for photo ops as the top female PMs of the region.....nothing if not predictable.

And last night on TV6 a news report show 12 vehicle of police show up at a Union office to bring up 1 man on maintenance charges! Was baton, cuff and kick in he pweffen as they serve him he papers......21st Century Policing! Imagine in a country where a KFC delivery boy does reach faster than a police car and ambulance when you call to report a crime.....12 vehicles show up to give 1 man notice that he have maintenance charges to answer for!

Is Friday Folks....another week of bad governance done.....Phagwa is Sunday.

De Vice Cyah Done!