Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 21mts, 12dys: Vernella the Top Shopper!

Well the Pantomime get up this morning thinking Louis the Umpteenth was going to be she biggest story and realise the Shoppin Toppin hit Louis Leak King out the park!

Imagine my shock and wonder when I hear Tony and Dale read out Vernella Toppin's Govt Credit card statement on the radio this morning and realise that Vernella the Top Shopper swiping card and withdrawing from ATMs to the tune of $68,048.38 by December 2011. The card limit is $63, Shoppin Toppin in overdraft and the way that credit card getting used all over Trinidad and Tobago I wondering if is Vernella alone using the card?

If this card is only for overseas use, why is Toppin shoppin so muuch locally? And considering that MPs have a vote for entertainment and expense...what exactly is Toppin using all that money for? Is it Toppin alone using the $$$?

And let we discuss Roodimonster a little bit. When The Keith announced Toppin's spending habits in Parliament Roodal Moonilal jumped to his feet and scoffed at The Keith, ridiculed him, because as far as he and the People's Panchayat concerned, "What's the big deal?" and "She pay it back already!". Well Roodal, the point that you might be missing is that what Shoppin Toppin doing is wrong....not immoral...but illegal. If the rules for the card states that it's use is restricted to international travel then you have a government MP who is wilfully and knowledgeably breaking laws and a Govt that is supporting it. In short, the Kamla Persad-Bissessar Govt is supporting corrupt and illegal behaviour. This is the type of governance that Prakash Ramadhar, David Abdullah, Ashworth Jack and Makandal Daaga are in support of!  A govt that abuses its privileges and when it's pointed out it lies, denies and justifies to the population.....I expect that the defence will be the PNM do it, so we could do it too! Ent Kamla? Ent Roody? Ent Prakash?

The Commish under more heat for this Crop Duster plane. Everyday the Gibbs saga gets thicker and juicier and you cyah hear a word from the AG, ppl resembling Sandy or the swear Gibbs hire heself and land here! Now Gibbs on the verge of legal action over the toy plane he rent. And now even the US Embassy involved as they conducting their own probe in Daniel Condon, the man who help negotiate the deal between TT Air Support Company and Gibbs. Now folks, remember weeks ago when this mark buss the AG said that Gibbs was well within his right to sign off on a plane rental for $.9m and this week we find out is only $100,000 Gibbs could spend without asking permission. What really going on in this place? How so many people in high positions in govt flouting and abusing rules, positions and power so? Is it any wonder that we rank so poorly on Transparency International?

Internationally the perception is that we are corrupt and apathetic about fraud. And it starts at the top! Does the govt even care?

And it is for all these reasons that Louis the Leak King cyah even make the top of the news! Imagine big meeting went down in the Balisier House yesterday to decide whether Emperor Mayor Louis the Umpteenth should remain as Mayor! After Louis score that magnificent own goal last week, he get a No-Confidence Motion in he pweffen this week and The Keith give Louis a lesson in how to deal with sit and have a meeting....... Now Louis looking like a jester and The Keith is the benevolent leader.

But the Pantomime is grateful that the mayor has received a stay of execution, because now the blog can remain non-partisan. Thanks Louis, yuh take ah hit for the team!

Enquiring minds want to know what the final deal was though?

What yuh bargain? 2 Mercedes annually for the PNM Raffle and free radio ads until elections 2015? Whisper in yuh gyul ears nah? I wanna know....

The Rani is out on CHOGM business so Errol the Highlander McLeod is the Laird for a few days. Keep your eyes open folks.

PTSC striking, Communication Workers striking, TCL striking. Police on the hunt for inspection stickers......the town hot!

De Vice Cyah Done!