Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 21mts, 11dys: Will Louis be Lynched?

Emperor Mayor Louis the umpteenth had to know he throat was going to get buss!

You do not score an own goal in political football and expect the fans to be happy with you.

Louis' letter of dissent allowed for 29 Govt Ministers to wine back on The Keith real hard, and to question his leadership.

Did he really think that he would challenge the decision of the party's leader and escape unscathed?

That's Insulting Louis Lee!

Now, Louis the Umpteenth facing his own No Confidence Motion. And is the Mayor of Port of Spain vs 11 signatures.

In a weird way Louis getting a taste of democracy at work.

But the Pantomime vex...Louis was the one PNM person I coulda bash consistently....with Louis gone (Yes, I said only a matter of time) I going to have to dig deeper and find a PNM MP who actively doing crap so that the Pantomime can remain non-partisan....ah wonder where Fitzie these days?

The next throat that getting measured for a guillotine is attorney Dana Seetahal. Clearly no one told Ms Seetahal that the cardinal rule in Trini politics is never betray your "race". You cannot be Indian and speak out against the Indo-led party/govt. Having sensibly spoken out against People's Panchayat's policies, Ms Seetahal is now facing expulsion as President of the Law Association from of all people, Israel Khan (who probably just put his balisier-print jockies in a bottom drawer until he needs them again!) who is allegedly in support of the AG.

Outside of the Great PNM Own Goal and Law Association rumblings, I hear 1 police officer get penalised for neglecting to do his duty when a rape victim showed up at the police station. While the police officers who beat people for Pan Semis get off....get off.. And Head of the PCA, Gillian Lucky, looking for details on Gibbs' Crop Duster.

Analyst Derek Ramsamooj cautioning the COP and telling them they in danger of losing their identity. I beg to differ Mr Ramsamooj. This party lost it's identity long time, it started when Pri...ooops, Prakash defended Reshmi Ramnarine's appointment in 2010, then sat by and said nothing when the SOE was called; when Sat Maharaj was running rampant all over the Tunapuna Hindu School, when the fake assassination plot was leaked and used as a justification for the constitutional infringement that was the SOE; he remained quiet on the Crop Duster and almost all things to do with the incompetent CoP Dwayne Gibbs. In short the COP that was once associated with political independence, fairness, non-partisanship has in fact that it is nothing more than a Trojan Horse for the UNC.....they assisted that party into a position of power and continue to serve the interests of the UNC...not the interests of their supporter. But kill Pri...Prakash dead people too stupid to realise that, right.

As I mention Gibbs and buss throat...the PSC looking to find out who could fire Gibbs. well I weak...we hire a man and dont know who could fire him? Not the same people who hire him? You aint see this country on real Pappy Show?


De Vice Cyah Done!