Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 21mts/10dys:


So Gibbs missing the mark! It aint have nothing new about that....what is the Govt doing about it? Nothing but talk because they need to keep their favourite Fall Guy.

watch and observe folks....for all the boof Gibbs might get from the AG, Sandy, Griffith or the PM he aint going NOWHERE!

Apparently the 21st Century uniforms going to be worn by recruits and not officers. You see how these people could bad spend money!

Speaking of bad-spending....Colm, what is the real story behind this No Float Ferry?

And Vernella....what is the position with you and the Govt credit card? If the card only meant to be used internationally, then why are you using it here? Your salary run out? You have hidden debts and depths to you ma'am? If the card supposed to be used only when you abroad then why you withdrawing from local ATMs? The bill collector harassing you?

Like Lee Sing trying to back pedal now that he see people aint too keen on his letter to Keith. Ahh will be the architect of your own downfall...mark my words! Your council will work towards your removal.

The Bas spitting fire and brimstone and threatening legal action against the UNC...March going to be a month of Madness, oui.

And in the meantime the IC Tribunal waiting on Gldys the Badiss court action.


De Vice Cyah Done!