This Week in Clusterf@$kS (TWICKS): Reshmi Reloaded!



February 26th - March 3rd

Listen....and listen well...if Hollywood make a movie based on Trinidad, no one....and I repeat, NO ONE, will go and see it because it too unbelievable!

Let me start in proper order:

At the start of the week Kamla Rani kick off the travelling Comedy Caravan aka  I Have Confidence in ME! Campaign that I like to call UNConfidence 2012. It was a week of ads in the news papers, public meetings, television interviews all designed to remind the public that this government is the best thing since sliced bread and Kiss Sada Roti!

In the midst of the advertising and politicking TCL on strike, somebody try to kill Ian Alleyne, and a man who survive 9 bullets get murdered......No Crime Plan in sight, the Economy Stagnant, we Commissioner of Police doing pure lala...but  I have confidence in Kamla....

So Friday, UNConfidence Day reach and ppl park up by radio, tv and internet....FB and Twitter was hottttt no tail.....and is 30 hours we get in we that 30hrs Rowley and his Gang of Ten (or is it we count Patrick? He wasn't present, but he name well get call up!) presented their case, buss ah mark and take real licks from Kamla's Joker Deck of 29.

During that debate, besides listing all the issues the Pantomime complaining about a while now, Rowley make we to know that when Kamla said "Let's Move On", what she really meant was, "Let's get a new name and start over!" Anybody remember when Reshmi ramnarine resigned in Jan 2011? Well according to the mark The Keith buss," She's BAAAAACK!" But this time you have to call her Shashi! Mind you both Reshmi/Shashi and Tim Gopeesingh deny she's employed with the Govt.

ME aint mind the girl change she name you know.....but is my tax $$$$ paying the salary of someone who was as dishonest as Reshmi Ramnarine was? Is someone who was part of one of the biggest scandals and cover-ups this Govt was embroiled in still working in our govt?

Needless to say the Kamla and her Deck of Jokers pretend like is not an not smelling bad or looking bad. Instead they spend our precious time refusing to answer a question posed by the opposition and instead resorted to Blame the PNM rhetoric and even use Louis Lee Sing as a substitute on their small goal team.....

The Keith take good jamming from the govt benches over the letter that Mayor Lee Sing issued to the PNM executive questioning Rowley's No Confidence Motion...but the Keith shrug off Lee Sing as a non-issue.

In the midst of the UNConfidence melee it is alleged that Gallery Griffith try to gangsta MP Donna Cox. I wonder what they feeding Griffith?

The latest with we Commish is that is water more than flour with Glibbs....he was wrong to rent the toy plane... and mark my words, they still not going to fire their favourite Fall Guy!

I hear I am a Gladys the Badiss suing fete to de I-Max and the Integrity Commission. So Max wasn't getting legal advice? Nobody aint remember this lady title is Justice Gafoor?

The Parliament Pappy Show barely die down and the Vice Cyah Done start up again!