Crime Clusterf@$k/ Political Pantomime 21mts, 6dys:

The PM keeps insisting that she in unfazed by UNConfidence 2012 yet last night she hyterically blurted out that this government is saving the country close to $100m in....onions....this Govt have me close to tears, oui!

When Sandy could glibly dismiss $60m being spent to house 7000 people in a facility for 1 month and then release them, you think we not smelling eau de corruption? Now Volney saying the government looking to buy the facility??? An entire building refurbished for 1 month.....somebody eat ah food and it sounding very Walla Walla Ding Ding to me!

The Govt is also engaging in a media blitz. Three nights in a row they have booked airtime on all local can't miss Kamla's election campaign for confidence even if you tried!

And in a desperate attempt to head off whatever she feels The Keith has to say about her the PM has promised bombshells! Which tells me that Friday's debate is going to be about Blame the PNM and Accept No Blame for the shitty governance they are giving us! Where Verna St Rose Greaves????? That is female leadership ent? Irresponsibility? Unaccountability? Lying? Hysteria.....Verna you should shame!

Ever the disingenuous clown An& jump up and say that if the govt loses the UNConfidence 2012 motion Kamla Rani will be fired by the President and there will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. I'm assuming that An& believes his supporters are illiterate fools....or maybe they are...because the mob certainly swallowed it up wholesale last night.


Cable Tv for prisoners as part of the rehabilitation venture????

And the TCL strike heating up between protesters and police.

Last night the PNM held their walkabout in St Augustine and scoffed at the hysteria coming from the govt. The Keith insists that the purpose of UNConfidence 2012 is merely to inform the population. Rowley faced questions about gay marriages (which he sidestepped), sustainable development (which he deflected with reference to encouraging more young people to come back to the Public you getting rid of the old ones?) and the way forward for the party. The PNM is clearly in campaign mode. Moving from community to community to drum up support, not for the UNConfidence vote. No one under any illusions about the party winning the motion...people are more concerned by what will be revealed as a result of the motion. But the PNM is obviously attempting to bolster support for a brand that is aging and seeming to fail. What plans they have in store for their next fifty years of growth and development are still very much up in the air. This party is going to need to rally more than the faithful if its going to be a force to be reckoned with come 2015. And Rowley acknowledged much of this. In between discussing the party he did manage to throw some barbs at the ruling cabal.

Bussing the mark that Government MPs have been using Federation Villas as bachelor pads.....what does the Rani have to say about this?

How is it that a party can come to government on a particular platform and manifesto of ending corruption, promoting transparency and solving on all 3 and still people can have confidence in them?