Crime Clusterf@$k? Political Pantomime 21mts, 5dys:

If last night didn't convince me that this People's Partnership govt is visionless and desperate, then nothing will.

At the start of the week both Scott Drug Report Rambachan  and Kamla Rani announced that citizens had urged them to hold public meetings to discuss matters of national importance. Of course the Trinidad Express revealed that a group of citizens gathered at the PM's home to petition against the route of the new proposed highway....maybe Rambachan misheard and then misquoted...because it certainly couldn't be anything else.

So last night the Panchayat launched it's series of talks....and it was a re-warmed, re-hashed taste of elections 2010 from a microwave that aint working properly.

Kamla Rani's government booked prime time on all local television....a virtual media trot out David Abdullah, Makandal Daaga, Ashworth Jack, Prakash Ramadhar and the Rani herself to remind us that we must be afraid of the PNM....doh put the PNM back there...We do real thing for all yuh....look old ppl could travel on bus and ferry for free...look we increase NIS...look...look...look....and you start to realise that the reason Kamla Rani's speeches sound so desperate and out of touch is that she is desperately out of touch. In a month where people had to come to terms with police raids on media houses, Integrity Commission meltdowns, suspicious crop duster rentals from an underperforming Commissioner of  Police, the murder toll climbing to 64 in 59 days, strike actions from unions, protest action from citizens about poor roads and facilities, the Prime Minister and her deck of Jokers delivered speeches that were beyond inappropriate. They were tasteless, full of sound and fury and nothing more. It was clear from the get go that these men were all trotted out to assure the crowd....and it was a paltry crowd, you'd think in the heart of their support base the Rani would draw crowds larger than the roughly 3000 that was milling about, having trunk limes at the fence close to the roadway and by the time Kamla came onstage a significant number of supporters began walking home. Perhaps like me they too had hoped to hear something more substantial than Pri...oops Prakkash assure people that the partnership strong while he semi-imitated a Baptist Minister with the cadences of his speech..."I remember, I rememember, I remember...."  Prik....sorry, Prakash I remember when I had hoped that the COP would be the voice of reason in this coalition. I remember when I had faith that your party would be the even hand that would represent the voice of the people. Now, in a moment when you can levy public dissent into a bargaining position for your party in this partnership you instead choose to lick the Panchayat's scrotums. All I can say is that voting for the COP after your display last night is like endorsing date rape!

When The rani eventually mounted the stage her refrain was little different. She reminded the crowd that the PNM was the real very afraid. Don't vote them back in...our partnership is strong...stronger than ever....don't forget squandermania....ANY OF THIS SOUNDING FAMILIAR? By 10 pm it occurred to me that it was the speeches of 2010 all dusted out and presented to the audience but managing this time to leave out crucial issues like Calder Hart, wiping out corruption and CRIME PLAN!!!!!!

And you see this is how I know that I naive....because if you put me in the same position as the Rani, I'd use these public meetings to discuss:

  • How I am going to enervate the economy
  • A detailed, point by point crime plan
  • a detailed plan about agriculture and food production
  • a detailed plan about economy diversification
  • a detailed plan about how to improve healthcare using energy subsidies
  • a detailed plan about how to improve our education system and the calibre of graduates we producing, again using funding from the energy sector.

However, to date....and is 21 months since the Panchayat in govt....there is NO CRIME PLAN and no ECONOMIC POLICY either. Kamla trumpeted last night that our economy is stable....after three years of 0 economic growth the economy is actually dead and needs a defribillator bad. This morning I read that the Indian economy is struggling and oil prices are part of the problem. I wonder where this Indian government likely to find oil to help it out, boy?

With rampant crime and a stagnant economy where exactly is this country going under the Panchayat? That is a question that the Rani cannot and won't answer. She has no vision or mission beyond holding on desperately to power so that the rest of her small goal Cobo Squad can feast!

Last night Kamla reminded us about PNM Squandermania...this morning the Express reminded us that it's been happening under the People's Panchayat too. $60 m tax payer's dollars to ketch and release 100 men!

The COP last night warned us to fear the PNM like a nightmare....yet it seems that our real nightmare is that we voted a Partnership into power that is filled with toothless hypocrites. This COP has sat by and looked on as the country flailed under poor governance and misstep after misstep and said nothing. Is this self same Ramadhar who first defended Reshmi's appointment as SIA head then do a back pedal and said "I don't know the woman."

We still have two more nights of this farce to go. Tonight they go to Penal and Thursday night the Partnership's Travelling Comedy Caravan pulls in at Diamondvale. While they choke us to death with their disgusting rhetoric that lacks any sense, any focus, any plan, the CLICOGATE hearings continue to amaze and baffle us; and the TCL strike has begun to affect hardware suppliers, and possibly what's left of the struggling construction industry here. Our principled fmr Principal is busy defending the Invader's Bay Project. Why at every turn are we hearing about issues of transparency with projects? I thought we voted that out when we got rid of the PNM...didn't Kamla  promise that?

If it were possible to point out how this government has fulfilled any of its 2010 election manifesto or it's 120 day plan.....I'd give them a chance. But at every turn they lie and abuse the country and for that they will get nothing but scathing criticism from the Pantomime. Marsha and her minions better get ready to be very busy at this website! This isn't a government I can have any Confidence in....and I don't need Rowley's PNM to tell me that!