Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 21mts, 4 dys:

Well the Bloggers are out in full force and completely hysterical!

The Queen on the rampage...she hitting North, South and Central!

If you didn't know better you'd think is Elections 2015 happening this week.

It's a simple No Confidence Motion, being brought forward by a minority in the house.

Yet there are Ministers quoting non-existent passages in the nation's constitution and calling for Rowley's resignation!

On every party wall and FB group possible the race talk has flared up....even the Pantomime getting cussed. Yesterday a man tell me go and find ah wuk...because clearly anybody who writing a daily blog that criticises our government is lazy and shiftless. But ask yourself one question: Name 3 initiatives that this current Govt campaigned for that they have succeeded at? Crime was their biggest platform complaint. Has the Crime Plan that Kamla promised at the UNDP event in January been unveiled yet? Is the Rent-A-Crop Duster that Plan? What about how she has dealt with the failure that is Gibbs?

To date the supporters of this Govt are still hailing the SoE as a crime plan....suspension of the Constitution is a Crime plan????? Seriously? Has there been any kind of anti-crime initiative since then? What about the way she has ignored all of the issues with Jack Warner and refuses to launch an actual investigation?

Then there's the economy...Dooks has promised blue skies at every turn, yet the economy is in a recession....0 per cent growth in the last 3 years is nothing to scoff or sniff at!

Recent attacks from the Police Service on the Media don't look good either...and when you realise that one raid came from a unit that falls under the power of the AG you have to ask yourself how clean are the hands of this govt when it comes to attacking the media? Don't forget too the threats to an Express editor and reporter that came from Sasha Mohammed/Janice Thomas' computer and Govt's refusal to advertise with several newspapers.

Between these three areas...and note I haven't listed the many scandals , missteps and misspeak, is it a surprise that the UNC Blogging Machine is now out in full force?

If I had a majority of 29 seats in Parliament and me and my ministers were actually "Serving the People", I'd have nothing to worry about....I wouldn't need to hold 3 public meetings in one week, deploy hundreds of people on websites and generally look like I've been caught with my underwear around my ankles!

Today we have the Cornered Jack Warner, the UNC Chairman who is being ignored and left out of all UNC matters, pledging to have Kamla's back. While the nation waits patiently for him to get the axe!

Talk is that Prakash Ramadhar wasn't at the Pink Palace on Sunday either......

TCL has gone on a full strike, and with only 2 weeks' supply of cement construction sites might have to resort to using  cowdung to lipay them building walls.

The tennis game that is Commissioner Gibbs and the Police Service Commission continues. Professor Deosaran give Gibbs a bad report...but refusing to fire him...he want to err on the side of caution. In short he is telling me that my tax $$$$$$ need to continue to pay a man who cyah do the wuk!!!!

Dat making sense?

In all of this, the soap opera that is Clicogate has resumed, and everybody favourite star girl Gita Sakal back in the spotlight as a "conspirer"! ClicoGate reading like a John Grisham novel these days, oui!

De Vice Cyah Done!