Crimeclusterf@$k/ Political Pantomime 21mts, 1dy:

Feting is we Naaame, We doh Play! Photo courtesy Oh Bacchanal on Face Book.  

Just when we thought our various statesmen and women had decided to tone down their behaviour in the public eye Fete to de I-Max gives us another reason to chatter.

Clearly the Gladys Gafoor Affair don't have him hot and bothered enough. The Errant Commish!Everybody and their Police service Commission bashing Commissioner Glibbs. But nobody want to actually fire him, because it cheaper to keep his incompetence around than to actual hire somebody else to do the job that he not doing...I hope that make sense to you, because it really fly over my head....kind of like an over priced crop duster!

Police Service Welfare head Ramesar wants Gibbs and Ewatski gone and I second, third, fourth and fifth that!

Weeks after the police raid Express and Newsday Professor Deosaran finally find he tongue and make a comment on the issue....I smell the favours that are being curried...All of a sudden questioning questioning Gibbs high on the agenda...but nobody want to Ask An& any questions and ACIB falls under his jursdiction....unless the Queen has already removed it!

On the Clicogate front it appears that the kidnapping and murder of Vindra Naipaul-Coolman put a halt to audit meetings at Clico. Now this cause my eyes to widen at how systems and procedures just seem to stall and stop short at Clico.....and now I beginning to wonder about the motivation behind Naipaul-Coolman's kidnapping and murder!


While one end of the country embroiled in Clicogate, more trouble brewing in the energy and industry sector. The OWTU warns of strikes at TCL. But what have people more concerned is the TV6 report last night that Petrotrin as good as sold and the Government of Trinidad and Tobago refuses to discuss this issue with the OWTU or reveal their plans to the country. All that is known are that talks are in train and that a private consortium of businesses looking to buy it up. And Roget says the farm out will hurt the nation and has warned against it.

Does private consortium mean Friends and Family of the Govt and their cronies? What will this mean for our energy subsidies and energy revenue? Whose pocket is it going to fall into? Why is the People's Panchayat Govt so secretive about this deal? Is the COP endorsing this nonsense and still pretending to be a patriotic party? Is the Opposition PNM aware of this and turning a blind eye? Help out the Pantomime here, folks!

It look like the THA smarter than Trinis because they looking to put their house in order where this People's Panchayat Govt is concerned. how on earth the central government could decide to ignore the THA's role in running the island is beyond me, oui. Like Kamla Rani's leather Louis Vs gone to she head!

Minister Vasant Bharath: didn't do anything but apologising and compensating anyway!And in other news that we not supposed to talk about because it might be slander...Minister of Agriculture Vasant Bharath has not admitted to driving over or mashing anyone's corn....but he has admitted to making police reports, has said sorry (why, if you aint do nothing) and has agreed to settle out of court. Settle what, you might ask? Why, settle nothing...because he did nothing is not going to comment on anything because there is nothing to say anything about! This government is real tears...not in a good way....the patrimony being squandered, the country and its citizenry being abused....De Vice Cyah Done!