Crime Clusterflock/Political Pantomime: 21 months!




In a move that has startled no one, Trinidad and Tobago has opted to ignore abstinence during Lent and the country going full steam ahead with Commess and Confusion for the next 40 days.

A 10 yr old murder has finally been brought to court,  and nobody resembling Sandy or living in a east-west corridor hotspot charged with it. I am confused. how to come to terms with this avunculicide? I feel like Hamlet should enter stage left!

Guns and ammo found on the port. But still no sting operation to catch the container owners....where we going with this?

Guns, drugs and ammo found in Bagatelle...interestingly enough it is alleged that army and police personnel does live on that street...hmmmm.


The police are saying that no one trying to cover up that Minister Vasant Bharath allegedly drove over a woman's foot on Carnival Monday while he was allegedly intoxicated and allegedly drove off without checking to see if she ok. Well I feel I could write a Crime watch script after that sentence!

Police are saying that reports about them not turning up for Carnival duty are false....they were just late due to traffic jams and other things.....keep a straight face here, folks.

More pressure to buss pipe in we industrial sector. TCL workers looking to strike too! And Miss 5% all of a sudden more happy than Roget that OWTU workers get 9%....why you didn't just offer them that in the first place if you so pro-labour?

Jearlean John say  the Colour Me Orange Revulsion is what causing the drop in I guess this is the Govt Crime Plan.....I wonder what would happen if they get different coloured jerseys to wear????

Things heating up in ClicoGate, we coming down to the wire now. In about 100 days the CoE will be over and we not sure de Govt will seize Clico assets and make them pay back the country the billions of dollars they get. But in the meantime abusive attorneys attacking witnesses will get boof! And Clico former corporate secretary say the the company never failed. Mr Leid, I sorry to disappoint you eh, but I feel that is the argument Duprey and them need to go with to get off scot free. Nobody getting jailed for mismanaging a parlour....but if we find out it had mischief is a different story!

And in Non-Integrity Commission news....Silk Man Reginald Armour  apparently didn't realise that there'd a be a conflict of interest with him investigating Gladys de Badiss Gafoor and remaining as legal counsel to President Fete to de I-Max Richards. So now he has to step down...I wonder if he sought legal advice on it?

Stay tuned for next week's launch of the Keith of Rowley's hit Lenten single "No Confidence in the PP!

I tell you the after-Carnival Pappy Show heating up! De Vice really Cyah Done!