Crime Clusterflock/Political Pantomime 20mts, 29dys:

Well Soca Monarch competition done 5 days now and Iwer still sucking salt and toting. I don't know if he think he will win retroactively. I also don't know if he remembers the days when he was the Soca Champion embroiled in controversy as well. Do so really aint like so, at all at all!

The number of spectators out on the road this year taking in the carnival was less than in years gone by not just south. On the road in Port of Spain both Monday and Tuesday, I remarked that apart from the major judging points the streets seemed lighter than usual. Is that people were afraid to come out for the Carnival? Still exhausted by the SoE? Exhausted by this government? Exhausted by Carnival? Unwilling to Pump their Flag, Drop on the Ground and Roll because too much Jab Jab music was in their brain?

Whatever it was Carnival 2012 wasn't the crowd puller it normally is.

While we wait to find out if Mr Fete, who has returned to performing on music trucks, has won the Road March and by what margin remember: The Integrity Commission issue aint solved yet, Glibbs performance appraisal still questionable,

Little Jack Warner still under plenty pressure,

Anand Ramlogan aint explain yet how the ACIB, which is under his jurisdiction conduct a raid on a media house without his knowlege,

And Kamla Rani is yet to reveal what the Crime Plan is!

Take Back the UNC Cottage Meeting on this Thursday! Carnival Done, but the Pappy Show that is this Govt must go on.

De Vice Cyah Done!