Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 20mts, 24dys: FANTASTIC FRIDAY!

Today is Fantastic Friday and the country fixated on Gas and Mas not exactly in that order!

 Kevin Ramnarine busy convincing us that everything under control,

Go out and fete and jump up, the govt taking care of things! When has this govt had anything under control?

Petrotrin trying to encourage strike breakers and promising them better security.

Senator Abdullah assures us that he was wearing his General Secretary hat when he signed off on the strike action letter.....he wasn't a senator then.

Little Jack Warner is now caught in the Haitian Aid Scandal $hitstorm and threatening to expose all, expose himself and grandcharge his way out of ignomy. Too late too late, Jack!

In a not-surprising move from Prof Deosaran at the Police Service Commission, the Hot shot Top Cop Glibbs has been assessed and found adequate. Ignore the failed SoE, ignore the police raids on media houses, ignore the rental of a crop dusting plane for surveillance. Ignore the increased crime rate that Glibbs has no handle on!

All eyes will be on the Hasely Crawford Stadium tonight as Benjai and Machel Montano HD collect their prizes......ooops as soca artists compete for the Groovy and Power Monarch titles. Will Iwer George's diesel bunkering rhythm finally outpace the govt endorsed Pump Yuh Flagman? Can Kerwin Dubois' Bacchanal wow the judges adequately? Or will the People's Champion Benjai, who just received a nameless award from the PM gain the groovy crown. Will the PM outdo Madonna and have a spectacular half-time show,

Where she storms the stage yet again to remind the crowd to be patriotic?

Will she show follow Machel to fete after fete with his winning check in hand? It's Fantastic Friday Folks! De Bacchanal now start

De Vice Cyah Done!