Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 20mts, 23dys:

The Battle lines have been drawn, last minute meetings are carded for this evening.

Soldiers have been deployed to drive fuel trucks.

But can they operate a refinery? Will the strike be averted? Will the 5% cap on wages be lifted? Or will the country face 90 days of chaos and confusion as citizens fight for fuel?

20 more days of fuel remaining, the experts claim!



Rowley say he have no confidence in Kamla....Grossly Incompetent.....and poor taste in bling! The Opposition making its move. Between looming strikes, Glibbs, raids and now pressure that might buss Bissessar pipe!

We still waiting on Glibbs Plane Talk still by An&?

Smart Man An& still back pedalling hard on the Anti Corruption Investigation Bureau.....even though he in charge of them, he claiming he aint know nothing about the Newsday Raid......really an&? We believe you.     


Mrs Gallery-Griffith says is not she intercept the President's Press release on the Integrity Commission and edit and wave to the audience while saying it Ma'am...and gush accordingly, because few of us believe you.

Mayor Louis the Umpteenth trying to enforce his glass bottle ban and fire Sharma.....Louis.....every queen needs a Jester...I wish you luck removing Sharma!

Little Jack Warner facing more woes as the Little Magician demanding his pittance.


Everyone still in awe over the National Nani's gold Louis Vuitton High classy, so spring chicken!

While people looking for jobs, dealing with crime, high food prices, keeping a roof over their heads, looming gas strikes and poor government representation the National Grandmother busy acting like HD's back up dancer.....all she missing is some Ammen's Powder and a gold toof!


De Vice Cyah Done!