Crimeclusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 20mts, 21dys:

Clearly I misjudged Miss Must Fete....she aint a partier....she is the FETE PROMOTER!

Imagine Kamla Rani show up on the stage in Machel Monday's Carnival honour Benjai?

For what? What has Benjai done to get an honour from the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago? None of that was made clear.

What was clear was that the Prime Minister was clearly politicking Machel Montano was continuing to curry favour with the govt of the day (nails in your coffin meh...take all the prize $$$ you can and RUUNNNN!)

And many members of the audience were UN-Im-PRESSED!

Is the Pantomime toting? Hell yeah! Nothing wrong with the PM of the country, any country, having a night out in the VIP section and enjoying entertainment. But why you onstage everynight?? Chutney Brass, Chutney Soca Monarch,  Machel Monday?

You is a deejay or you own Prestige Promotions?

Does sitting in the office of the PM mean nothing? Is stateswomanship a lost art? There was no reason to be up on that stage. You aint handing over an award. So I can only assume you was there to ramajay yourself!

Speaking of ramajy yourself....I am a Gladys come out the corner gloves swinging and leggoing some hard cuffs behind President Fete to de Max!

Suruj, head of the Ministry of Interception and Editing, jump in to bash the police as well.

Police monitoring Andre Bagoo's house....what? They expect Gladys to roll up in the dead of night?

PSA wants a probe into top cops who doh pay their traffic tkts..

Valencia murder accused hit least we seeing 1 murder for the year have some momentum towards a solution.

Prakash see the opportunity to start a campaign against Gibbs and for the Media and possibly resuscitate the COP as a viable party....after 20mts of sitting silent and allowing the Panchayat to advantage the country, Prakash now find he voice.....

De Vice Cyah Done in the place because the PIGS only know to take ADVANTAGE!