Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 20mts, 20dys:

The AG doing the "Backpedal", another dance that this govt famous for. He want the Anti-Corruption Investigation Bureau removed from under his purview bad, bad, bad, because he know it looking bad for he Govt.  Kamla Rani jump in to say he right, just walk with a written note and , thy will be done! Imagine An& complain and say the ACIB need 20 months you in charge of it An& and you aint do anything to fix it?,155240.html

Prakash Ramadhar, calling for a show down at High Noon with Commissioner Glibbs if he doesn't explain the reason for the raid.....wait Prakash, before you shoot him for that, get him to explain the Crop Duster purchase, nah? Will it really spray White Oak on us for Carnival?????

Gladys the Badiss insists she found out about her dismissal through the media; while President Fete to de Max Richards' Office say they informed her first.....maybe we should ask Suruj the Interceptor Rambachan and his trusty side-kick Super Dyer?

In the meantime  Police Commissioner Dwayne Glibbs insisting that the officers were "Peace Officers" and the raid was legal. Was this the only way to conduct that investigation?

TTPS come out with their guns blazing to...if they called to investigate, they have to investigate. Damned if you do, damned if you don't, is their new motto.

Meanwhile not a word from Mr Media and Chairman of the Integrity Commission, Ken Gordon.

Andre Bagoo is at it again. This week he has uncovered that Hotel Expenses are up by 17% under this govt....longer parliament sittings means more MPs staying in hotels and racking up room service bills!,155250.html

No body like the police, not even the young trainees that they forced to sexually assault.,155242.html

On the crime front, a barber is killed while watching tv....yet another bad haircut reprisal killing?

Not even Chutney Soca Monarch winners safe from crime...KI Persad's family robbed, but they managed to shoot the bandit in his stomach (FTW).

Kamla unphased by the picong from calypsonians....maybe that is why she avoid Skinner Park this year?,155303.html

One week to carnival, and the tents, panyards and fetes can't begin to have as much bacchanal as the Govt....

De Vice Cyah Done!