Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 20mts, 18dys: The Gladys Affair!

Gladys Gafoor, investigations into her time as deputy chairwoman into the Integrity Commission has put the country in a tailspin. Photo courtesy Newsday.

Well like this Pantomime cyah get no sleep because kuchoor, lawlessness and corruption flowing fast and furious in this place.

The Gladys Affair well picking up speed. We gone from Gladys telling Ken to mind he business,

To Gladys the badiss being dismissed. And now, Newsday get raid and Sgt Koon Koon saying nobody order the raid, he do it on he own steam. Doh hot yuh head! So who is the judge that issue the warrant to search Newsday and Andre Bagoo home, Sgt Koon Koon? The Judge ketch a vaps just so and issue warrant? Meanwhile the Integrity Commission issue a press release to say they asked a for a full investigation.

This Integrity Commission, ironically enough is chaired by media mogul Ken Gordon, whose media house TV6 was the target of a police raid just last month. I wonder how he feels about the police's intimidation of the media?,155186.html

And in the midst of all of thi,s the PM and the AG  claiming total ignorance on the investigation and raid. And just when you thought the kuchoor aint thick enough, is to find out that Max send out he press release first, and Suruj Rambachan Ministry take the press release, doctor it and re-release Max press release get intercepted and an edited version on different seal and letterhead get send out....Suruj and Nicol Dyer mum!!!!! Laryngitis does well plague this govt!

And while Kamla, the AG, The Suruj and Mrs Gallery Griffith still trying to get their stories straight, the Prakash has found his voice and condemned the raid! He went so far as to say democracy is breaking down in the country...wait....Prakash between me and you, which one of us sitting in Parliament and heading a Ministry called Legal Affairs, and therefore in a position to actively do something about this downward spiral? Say it aint so!

But the vice aint done there....Everybody calling on Glibbs to account and explain and we cyah find Glibbs, yet....maybe he crop-dusting! Or maybe he dealing up with the shipment of uniforms he order that just sit down doing nothing....Donna Cox where you does be getting all this draft, girl?

Little Jack Warner come out from he corner

Swinging wide at the Soca Warriors

Jack say they greedy.

Well Jack, if is anybody could school people on greed is you....

We have one question and one question only....Have you paid the national footballers what is legally due to them? We aint want to hear about how much you do for football and how people only out to get you....have you done the right thing? Answer we straight nah?

Gibbs, Gladys and Raids have we so tootoolbay, nobody aint even paying attention to Sita's refusal to take she transfer quiet quiet. Sita want to call the shots and dictate the pace....either that or stay in she place! next week might be round 4 of PantyGate....brace for it people.

In all of that there have been several brutal murders in the past 2 days.

2 Chutney and a Rama tonight....somebody pocket hadda buss! De Vice Cyah Done!