Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 20mts, 17dys:

Well is kuchoor galore with the non-Integrity Commission. I am a Gladiss, aint a badiss no more, she get dis-missed!

Max imum Fete put she on suspension. But Du-mas questioning his motives.

It look like she hadda boil down like bhagee.,154284.html And the Only-Good-Newsday, the PR Arm of the People's Panchayat under some heavy fire!

The reporter desk and home get rubbed down and feel up by the cops over misspokes and misquotes?

But doh worry, Aunty Therese have he back!

Not to be left out, TV6 under fire again for the Crime watch rape tape....

this time the Board of Directors head hot having to answer question and respond to letters.

All of this to find out whether Alleyne air a tape or not?

Half the country see the tape at 6pm one day and the other half see it at 10pm the same what really being investigated here?

Nobody seem to know what Gibbs and Ewatski Plane is for....pp resembling Sandy and Glibbs imply is to spy. Ew-watski say is not a spy plane.

You want to bet is to soak masqueraders in White Oak for Carnival crop duster style?

When it rains it pours, oui!

David Abdullah denies that SOPO knew about coup attempt....careful Senator, is a muslim last name you have, you is ah easy scapegoat in these rounds. ASJA contemplating the Jamaat and the Concordat.....I beginning to see that we have a muslim hierarchy in this country and some Muslims have more religion and therefore more entitled than some!

Teenager from Maraval area caught with guns and ammo....wait....I thought it only Laventille, Beetham and La Horquetta does have them thing?

Between we Integrity  Commission, we Government and we Police Service, February promising to be a blockbuster month!

De Vice Cyah Done!