Clusterf@$k Flashback: The People's Panchayat and the Media....Tobago Love?

Everybody know what Tobago Love know a love/hate relationship.....plenty cuff and kick throwing, but still it have affection in there. Well it seems the love between the People's Panchayat and the national Media between 2010 and now has gone sour....good good cow milk make dahee, just so!

Let's look at the time line.

May 2010: Minutes after her swearing in the PM is making sure journalists are comfortable....not squashed. She welcomes media scrutiny she says.,121474.html

Dec 2010: At a government sponsored media event the love was still strong and the PM announced that it was media's duty to keep the govt in check.

June 2011: Minister of Insecurity Capt. Gallery Griffith accuses the Media of putting the PM's life at risk (assassination plotgate, anyone?).

October 2011: It becomes obvious that the govt is advertising only with media houses that are willing to toe the party line.

Dec 2011: The TnT Mirror along with several other media houses seemed to be getting short shrift from the govt.

Dec 2011: Police raid TV6 compound in a startling show of force, 25 officers to seize 1 tape.

Jan - Feb 2012: A new thrust becomes apparent. The police begins raiding media houses and the government claims ignorance and concern over these issues. No one in the government in aware of the raids and why they are taking place.

Feb 2012: Newsday raided and journalist Andre Bagoo's computer hard drive and cellphones are confiscated. His home is also raided and his laptop confiscated as well. It is believed that Justice Gladys Gafoor, deputy chairperson of the Integrity Commission has leaked info to Bagoo and the police are searching for his source. Mr Bagoo refuses to reveal his source. Interestingly enough the announcement of Ms Gafoor's dismissal and information on the raids came from the Ministry of Foreign  Affairs and Communications, and not the President's office....yet the Govt is denying any knowledge of the raid on Newsday!,155134.html,155175.html