Crime Clusterf@$K/Political Pantomime 20mts, 16dys:

Well the Soca Warriors spanner a tackle on Jack and like he rolling on the ground waiting for the referee to blow whistle for a foul!

Kamla Rani hoping that Fifa and the Soca Warriors do what she secretly working on....Get Rid of     Jack!

Ppl Resembling Sandy say man like Gibbs have to get permission from their Perm Secs to make  purchases over $100,000. So Gibbsy and all other big spenders, contrary to An& bluster in Parliament last week, when it come to public funds you HAVE TO ANSWER TO SOMEBODY!

Big Announcement and Proclamation in the realm....Kamla have a crime plan....but we aint know the release date yet....May be it's a Summer Blockbuster....coming soon to a Parliament near you!

The Queen has announced that she only wants 2 terms in office....has she asked the people if they want her that long? Is that the expiry date on any of her vital organs?

Dooks want to  leggo taxes on all yuh gambling dens, yuh wanna bet that fall through? Them Turks and Russians here to make $$$$, not pay taxes Dooks....and when you walking about in my neighbourhood? I have plenty I want to say!

The carrot of increased NIS payments being dangled again. Economy at a standstill, no new jobs being created, no real revenue coming in...but they offering pensioners more $$$$...from where?

The DNA Bill gets passed...unanimously...with major changes.

Residents of Ste Madeleine fraid a revenge killing take place since Kevin Ellis get murdered...they asking for police protection.....wait, the Crime Plan Coming!

A taxi-driver is executed in his taxi, during rush hour on the Beetham Highway....the Crime Plan Coming!

In the meantime, Ppl resembling Sandy say they "might" be using the spy plane for Carnival!

Pandita calls down spirit lash on Vasant and Soldiers for killing the sacred feral bovine! Nobody tell this woman practising obeah illegal in Trinidad?

It is alleged that this Govt is moving to give Caroni workers lands in Tucker Valley....workers that have received monetary compensation and have received lands in Central Trinidad are now being given prime pieces of real estate in the western peninsula. Balliram Maharaj of the Supermarkets Association is to be given a Mega Farm as well!!

Will there be no end to the trough feeding? Will there be no end to the greed of this government? On what grounds are lands in the Western Peninsula, that were taken away from families in the 40s to be leased to the american govt going to be distributed to ex-Caroni workers and party hacks? De VICE really CYAH DONE under this govt!,155091.html,155073.html