Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 20mts, 14dys:

After the sound cutarse the crowd get in Pan Semis, mankind complaining.

Look, is how many decades of Pan? Is how many decades of confusion in the Savannah?

Who in Grandstand?

Who in Northstand?

Who on the drag?

Who making ah grand charge?

If the authorities who organising cyah get it correct, you expect the police to?

The Police there to (pretend) to maintain order. And in Trinidad is gun and butu that does provide order.

Be thankful is baton and not gun in yuh pweffen.

Take 21st Century Policing in yuh Gaaar!

Gibbs aint get he assessment yet!!!!! What really going on in this place?

How one COP have so many chances to fail?

Reggie Dumas invited to take ministerial position....we cyah make him PM and done?

The maimed PNM messiah heads off to the US for healthcare.

His sister, Petronella, implies the government healthcare system almost killed him.

So Petronella, between me and you, this health care system start under the UNC? What you saying? Aunty Kams govt importing substandard drugs and dispensing it to the NAYSHUN?

There are rumours that Kamla Rani and all sick....a taste of her own medicine? A spirit lash from the many Born Agains who are praying for the healthy return of their messiah....a spirit lash from the spirit lash that they say she went India and bring back for Manning?

Ah fed up of the same thing, obeah and obeah????? Trinis does blame everything on the occult.

When is not Kamla, Sandy and Assasination Plot Numerology

Is spirit lash from across the Kala Pani!

Suruj say the Queen still stunning her critics...that man born to be a spin doctor.

We just stunned that Kamla manages to  find new lies and excuses for her inefficiencies and poor performance every day!

Amy Annamuthodo's abuser say he only beat her on her knuckles.....maybe he need an anatomy lesson because all she back and head count as knuckles?

The nurses who burned the newborn with a hot water bottle find their firing was about we put all yuh in hot water for a little while....fair?

There is no accountability on this Animal Farm we living on... From Napoleon to the Dogs!

De Vice Cyah Done!