Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 20mts, 13dys:

It looks like Queen Kamla's calypso offering this season is "They Plotting Again..." All opposition against this woman is treated as a threat of the highest order. And her back-up line of Volney, Sharma, Cadiz, Moonilal and Ramona Ramdial (doh shit me up...Ramona alive and have a mouth....Ramona your constituents in Couva North want to SEEE YOU BAAAAAD!) have jumped in quickly to back up and protect the beleaguered Mother and Grandmother of the nation. Like Kamla Rani forget she around since ONR days and people know her lack of performance well.

She must be forget too that we remember her as Minister of Education, going to work when she felt like it, paperwork piling up for weeks because she vex she didn't have a better portfolio!

The Queen jump out sheself and getting on like paying Manning's health bills is a gift! No wonder ppl does joke and call you Kamliar.... That enshrined in the Constitution, Queen in years to come when your liver and kidneys gone bad, you will benefit...and it won't be a gift!

The Bas rest some licks on the Queen and say is time for the UNC to change.... I wonder if Kamla Rani remember the word change and how often she trumpet it to the NAAAAAY SHUN?

Rumour has it the PM is ill and working from home...if that is so, how she could say Greg and the grandkids always asking for her?

Who home she working from?

The Queen say she have no problems with Little Jack Warner....yet why your Govt put him in a corner?

Sickened citizens moving for ClicoGate Duprey to lose his National Award Medal!

As PNM diehards hold vigils for Manning, the Keith of Rowley adds a new face to the Senate. Congrats and good luck Sherrie Ali, the Eternal Pantomime hopes you are made of stern stuff!

Talk of by-elections in Sando West....will Manning replace Manning?

The Police Service association waiting on the light plane report from the Police Service Commission, who waiting on it from Dwayne Glib.... And we waiting to find out how come Glib still have a work here, is 3 weeks now all yuh do he assessment report and the man still here why? Patrons and pan get beat in the Savannah yesterday.

The Govt Mouthpiece CNMG losing board directors and chairman by the grappe! Imagine Brian Stones step down from he cushy job as never-see-come-see party hack!

2 weeks to Carnival, and the best show in town is still the Parliament! De Vice Cyah Done!,154868.html