Clusterf@$k Flashback: Notorious Gary G and the PM's Residence!

Long before the notorious G was hired to book helicopter trips for the PM's entourage, he used to be the Head of Household for a previous administration!

Yes, study yuh head not now you hearing about the Minister of Insecurity. Captain Griffith was once a UNC Senator, who minutes after being sworn in staged a walkout with other Senators....and if you throw your mind even further back he was also the Head of Household under former PM Panday and during his tenure at the then PM's residence a massive food and alcohol bill was racked up. There were whispers and rumours even of a skirmish and fight at the residence involving the Notorious G and at least one female. Following his cat fight days the G-Man revamped himself by becoming Mr Nicole he's right back where he always wanted to be...running the PM's residence.