This Week In Clusterf@$ks (TWICKS) - 20mts, 12 dys:

This entire week in clusterf@ck saw the country coming to terms with PlaneGate. The Hot Shot Top Cop Dwayne Gibbs rented a light aircraft from a company just 1 month old to the tune of $.9m. He did it in plane sight and insists everything is above board. In the midst of the hullabulloo the PM announced that she "knows nothing" (does she ever?)

People resembling Sandy said they know even less (Ignerriffic as Hell!)

The AG with his usual blunderbuss, sound and fury self announced that Gibbs doesn't need to account to ANYONE....(doh mind is public funds). And Gallery Griffith insisted that he know everything, from start to finish...but didn't think anyone else needed to know. Is this a plot to undermine Gibbs? Is he linked to the company that got the contract in any way?

As security advisor to the PM should he have so much influence over our National Security?

When we weren't trying to make sense of PlaneGate, we were trying to make sense of Little Jack Warner Who, like the cheese in the nursery rhyme, is forced to stand alone these days. Ministers won't attend the meetings he calls,

Or support his hanging petition

Gone are the days of holding Kamla's hands in public and whispering in her ear in Parliament....politics is such a hussy! It seems that more and more The People's Panchayat want Jack less and less Maybe it's time to hit the road?

To distract us from all the internal rumblings in the Panchayat, the PM promised a new tourism thrust, listing health tourism  as one option: in a country where children die waiting on an ambulance!

Then Culture Minister jumped in to save her by announcing more spending on Carnival (from $43m to $96.5m). They'll do anything to keep the natives happily distracted.

By Friday a teenaged girl was chopped to death and the country once again realised that though millions were being spent by this government to rent planes, call States of Emergencies and throw parties to label such a success, after 20 months, this Govt STILL HAS NO CRIME PLAN!

But the news wasn't all bad this week.

The COP kicked off its "Run D Race" series of talks and spent 2 hours convincing an audience that there are no race problems here, except maybe the race to Heaven and Hell! The Principal under attack at the Tunapuna Hindu school got her transfer....maybe this is the end of the Pantygate saga.

Sat found a new cause to adopt and is now saving the Feral Cattle of Icacos from slaughter, well, because they are sacred, and we live in a Hindu state....didn't you know? To ass with the nuisance they've been causing for the last 20 years and the fact that their owners refused to lay claim to them all week or restrain them properly....the cows are sacred!

(But seriously Minister Bharath, you send the army to shoot cattle? We couldna just rounds them up?) And when Sat wasn't regaling us with bull,

Arlene Blackman, Principal of the revered and prestigious Blackman's Private Primary School attempted to flush the heads of 2 eight year old boys down a toilet!

Building contractors staring at empty accounts and jobless workers and asking  govt for the $600m owed to them in completed contracts.

People with no work and no $$$$ does have to find ways to mind their families, doh say I aint warn all yuh!

The core activists of Take Back the UNC held a meeting to mobilise the party and put an end to the destructive reign of Kamla Rani.

Kamla's constituents have finally awakened and asked where their MP all these years? She not performing as PM or as an besides hopping planes and helicopters, what does our PM do?

I can't wait for next week!