Crime Clusterfu$k/Political Pantomime 20mts, 11 dys:

Gibbs saying he did everything in plane sight! Ex-plane to the people how a company that was only 1 month old had the opportunity to tender for and get a $.9m contract Mr Gibbs. It smelling funny! Jack has left his petition hanging....he don't want to upset the parliament. so his constituents go have to wine to the side....

Guns and ammo found on foreign couple who don't live in Laventille or Beetham, nor do they resemble Brig John Sandy.....

Tunapuna Hindu School Principal granted transfer. Sat the Mighty Panty Rajah has prevailed!

Makandaal Daaga, playing the role of eternal stooge defends Kamla,

Says the media too hard on her, and not analytic enough.

Oh,  poor Kamla....our PM has it SoE hard! When is not mosquitoes attacking, is peas tins, when is not peas tins is Muslims in fake assassination attempts, and when is not Muslims, is journalists who refuse to do more analysis in their pieces!

Soon pen, pencil and paper will also be against her! Watch what happen to Jack and learn Daaga, you too can be sidelined and put in political Siberia! The media's job is to pressure the govt of the day....that's part of the democratic process. Unless you and all supporting the dictatorship of Kamla Rani? Queen Kamla accuses the Keith of Rowley of using race card. If it wasn't so tragic I would laugh. Here is a government that has targeted black employees, black communities and black businesses in the last 20 months and totally demoralised an ethnic community in a 107-day period, and the best come back is,   Rowley racist? What about Sat Maharaj's behaviour at the Tunapuna School? What about the new ministers who have fired people for no other reason than assuming their appearance means they are affiliated with the PNM? What of the comments made by AG Ramlogan and Brig John Sandy on Aug 22nd, 2011 about young black men from single parent homes? Your memory as reliable as your speech patterns Madam Prime Minister!

Accused Principal Arlene Blackman out on bail. Parents at the school support her! Does that mean they support flushing their children's heads down toilet bowls?

Manning, the maimed messiah, is granted sick leave from Parliament. And in the village of Valencia a teen girl is brutally chopped to death. In the middle of renting planes hastily, hanging up petitions, saying the media is unbiased and calling Rowley a racist, the goodly PM has once again failed to reveal any crime plan....if she ever had one at all! De Vice Cyah Done!,154836.html