Crime Clusterfu$k/Political Pantomime 20mts, 10dys:

Apparently flushing children's heads down toilet bowls is not an acceptable form of discipline.

Pity Ms Blackman didn't know that.

How come is only Newsday cover this story?

The Hot Shot Top Cop has been given a directive from his board to report on the Flug Tag Plane! Real Bull or Red Bull?

Little Jack Warner still standing in a corner as the rest of the Cabinet ignore him and follow Kamla Rani's lead.

As if Parliament aint have enough fete, To distract the masses Minister of Culture, Gypsy announces that govt is giving $53m more to Carnival. Keep the natives entertained, I say. That way they won't pay attention to the Pappy Show that is government!

February's murder toll has begun to climb...but in the midst of FlugtagGate, no one is noticing.

The law body set up a committee to assess Silk and #PR9Anya not heading it???????

The Maha Sabha calls on Minister Vasant Bharath to stop killing the Wild Cows of Icacos.

Cattles get granted a reprieve.

Commission of Enquiry into the death of bull and see! Is real bull from top to bottom in Trinidad, oui.... De Vice Cyah Done!,154757.html,154753.html