Crime Clusterfu$k/Political Pantomime 20mts, 9dys:

Little Jack Warner sulking in a corner Eating his humble pie Kamla well put him down For being a clown And dealing with Fifa Bribes! It look like the political love affair to end all love affairs done! Gone are the days of hand holding and puss pussing in Parliament. Jack going up the Hanging Bill Hill by heself. It is a desperate attempt to remain credible in a party that no longer needs him or his wallet! Why keep Jack when we have the Treasury! Kamla Rani tell the Keith of Rowley to re-think his position on the Joint Select Committee and bring back he bat and ball (Faris and Colm) to the game. The country still reeling over Plane Talk and Bad Manners. The Hot Shot Top Cop in a Hott Spott and Sandy say he have to explain. In between all this non-transparence and over-procurement the murder toll continues to rise. 41 murders in January...a month with only 31 days! Yet Kamla Rani promising BIG tourism thrust..... Trinis fraid Trinidad, you expect tourists to come here bravez dangez? Gypsy say no to a second chutney show in South. Since when he have the power of veto on what private promoters do? Advantage, Bacchanal and De Vice Cyah Done!