Clusterfu$k Flashback: Janice Thomas and the Prince of Pet Rice and Porsches

Long before Agriculture Minister Vasant Bharath was rolling in a steal-of-a-deal Porsche, he was well-known for being the first major scandal in the 1995-2000 UNC Govt: as the man who ordered a TT$30m shipment of pet rice that was useless by the time it crossed the Middle Passage between India and Trinidad. Two shipments were ordered, but only one turned up. The rice shipment fiasco involved a government trade mission to India, NFM Board members having to be fired, the alleged involvement of then Indian High Commissioner and shipments of rice delayed in Senegal and lost at sea.

Long before she was functioning as the PM's Social Events Adviser and allowing threatening e-mails to be sent from her computer Janice Thomas....sorry, Sasha Mohammed wrote investigative pieces for the Guardian. Here's her report on Vasant Bharath's early foray into national politics:,153855.html