PlaneGate Trajectory

PlaneGate Trajectory: 1. Opposition asks for explanation and accountability. 2. Barnes say everything above board 3. Media discovers that the plane opposition referring to in June 2011 different from plane brought in by Barnes and company in Jan 2012. 4. Kamla and Sandy deny any knowledge of $.9m plane rental. Say they gave no approval. 5. Gibbs and Ewatski say everything above board. 6. Dhallsingh claims Barnes+Condon stole his business idea, gives interview to Express and I95.5. 7. Gary Griffith, security adviser to PM, admits on CNC3 Early Morning show that he knew about the purchase but felt no need to alert PM and Minister of National Security on matter. 8. AG speaks out and clarifies that COP does not have to account to Govt for how he deploys his budget. 9. It is discovered that the plane tested in June 2011 is not the same plane rented in Jan 2012. There are also discrepancies in the price quoted by govt and price quoted by plane makers.

Considering that it is public funds used for the purchase/rental of this aircraft can the Opposition and the Public not request an explanation on this issue? The Prime Minister as head of the National Security Council didn't know about this why? Did the PM and Sandy not know that Gibbs has full autonomy over his budget and therefore is not answerable to them? Who then is Gibbs answerable to for how he deploys his budget? Why is Gary Griffith the most knowledgeable person about this issue? Why is Gary Griffith still referring to the old Blimp when the current issue is this Govt's accountability, tendering procedures and transparency with public funds? What is the link between Gary Griffith, Jack Ewatski and Dirk Barnes?