Crime Clusterfu$k/Political Pantomime 20mts, 8dys:



Gibbs seat so hot, he write he report, submit it to the AG and jet off to England to cool off

That have to be the fastest report ever write under this regime.

Where the report on Jack and Fifa?
Where the report on the bunkered diesel?

Ewatski remain to take the heat and say everything above board.
The Guardian  newspaper carrying a timeline that raising eyebrows and question marks!

Kamla, Sandy and the AG know nothing about this plane



Yet Gallery Griffith the Minister of Insecurity and special adviser to Kamla Rani knows all?
The AG says the Govt has no control over Gibbs' budget?
An&, even is Gibbs is the CEO of a company, all CEOs have a board of directors they must answer too!



So no accountability for this plane purchase? 

We spend $.9m to buy a crop duster?

No accountability for the procedure?

We don't tender no more?

This Govt continues to piss on our democracy from a great height!

De Vice Cyah Done with the PIGGIES!